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Money And You Review

“Money and You” is a 3-day seminar which can empower you to take action in transforming yourself by breaking through the layers of obstacles that are holding you back from your desired results. An unusual method of interactive learning is used to introduce the various useful principles that guide you towards the path of success. It’s a kind of experiential training for adults that requires participative action by the seminar attendees and learning is done through games, group discussions or simply sharing experiences and interactions with one another during the seminar.

Unleash The Power Within 2009 Review

It has been one of my biggest dreams to attend an Anthony Robbins seminar, Live! I created this dream way back in 2002…

…Fast forward to September 2009. A series of moments I will treasure forever. Moments I can anchor upon for conquering myself and creating for myself a powerful life state. Here are my highlights from this life-changing program.

Unleash the Power Within 2009 Experience at Singapore Expo

Unleash the Power Within was by far the best ever seminar that I’ve attended here in Singapore. I didn’t actually signed up during the UPW preview since my other educational investments (internet marketing) on instalment is still ongoing.

National Achievers Congress 2009 Review

A phrase to describe the National Achievers Congress 2009 – Absolutely amazing and informative! Having already read most of the books in the Rich Dad Series, I was very interested to meet and listen to Robert and his Rich Dad team. The Rich Dad team certainly didn’t disappoint, they covered extensively on the different aspects on successful investing and business to reach out to the audience.

I Was Teased By Anthony Robbins

Boy! His hands were huge, like banana hands, just like what Jake Black described in his movie ‘Shallow Hal’ about him. I can’t imagine shaking the same man’s hand after watching ‘Shallow Hal’ in 2001, and that was where I first got to know Anthony Robbins, or Tony Robbins. It was only 3 years later that I got to see Tony ‘Live’ in Singapore.

Anthony Robbins Live In Singapore 2009!!!

Anthony Robbins is coming to Singapore in 2009!!! Yaa, we have been waiting for him to come back since 2004. We just received the news from CEO of Success Resources, Richard Tan, that Tony is coming to Singapore for Unleash The Power Within 2009!!!!

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