March 2009

My Experience Walking On Fire

What are these people doing? Like a batch of crazies walking barefoot towards the hot coal, and I was with them too at Anthony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within” in Singapore 2004. I was one of the crazies.

Cashflow 101 Competition: What A Turnout!

The Cashflow 101 Competition was great fun! Even on a Sunday morning, the exceptional turnout was impressive. With over 600 people turning up seated at over a hundred tables, the competition was well-underway by 9.30am.

How Steve Jobs Earn Billions Using Itunes

Itunes is one of the tools that Steve Jobs used to help Apple earn billions in sales. How did this happen and why is it that Steve Jobs was able to make Apple, an almost bankrupt company into a cutting edge technology company?

Cashflow 101 Competition: Largest In Asia!

I have recently heard that Success Resources will be organizing the largest Cashflow 101 Competition in Asia! Boy, I like to see the crowd playing there.

Imagine that there are 100 tables with 5 people playing Cashflow 101, there will be 500 people playing at the same time. That will be a lot of fun!

Alvin Phang Blogging Mastery Workshop Review

Blogging Mastery Workshop by Alvin Phang was a good seminar in being successful in blogging. Through I have been blogging for a few months now, Alvin shared how he drive traffic to his blog, how he made sales, etc…

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