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Unleash The Power Within 2009 Review

It has been one of my biggest dreams to attend an Anthony Robbins seminar, Live! I created this dream way back in 2002…

…Fast forward to September 2009. A series of moments I will treasure forever. Moments I can anchor upon for conquering myself and creating for myself a powerful life state. Here are my highlights from this life-changing program.

Unleash the Power Within 2009 Experience at Singapore Expo

Unleash the Power Within was by far the best ever seminar that I’ve attended here in Singapore. I didn’t actually signed up during the UPW preview since my other educational investments (internet marketing) on instalment is still ongoing.

Unleash The Power Within “Live” In Singapore Sept 2009

Yes! Tony Robbins is coming to Singapore this 4th ~ 7th September 2009 for “Unleash The Power Within”.

Its been like 5 years since I attended the program, so I got the brochure for the event to help me and you to explain, and you can find out what you are going to learn during this life-changing event!

Motion Creates Emotion From Boiler Room

A very fast way that can change your emotion in an instance is to have motion. That is motion creates emotion. Why is that? How can that be? That was on my mind when I first heard of this phrase. But come to think of it, when I was moving around a lot, there is a lot of emotion in me, especially when I was playing basketball. There was excitement, thrill and focus in the game that it was caused primarily by the movements that I was doing.

My Experience Walking On Fire

What are these people doing? Like a batch of crazies walking barefoot towards the hot coal, and I was with them too at Anthony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within” in Singapore 2004. I was one of the crazies.

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