January 2009

Dr Clemen Chiang In Options Trading

I attended Dr Clemen Chiang’s three days options trading seminar in Singapore from 8th ~ 10th Dec 2007.

During the three intensive days, Dr Clemen Chiang has imparted us a very different information and knowledge, compare to the ones I attended in the past. It has really stretched my reality to a whole new level in options trading.

Never Work Again Forex Trading: Seeni JG

I attended Seeni JG’s “Never Work Again Forex Trading” preview. It was around two and a half hours, where Seeni shared his experience on Forex Trading, how it has helped him in terms…

What I Have Learned from Blair Singer’s Event

I remember the first time I knew about Blair Singer is on 12th March 2007. His first performance in Taiwan. I thought He is just like the most of the Masters that Success…

The Recession Is Not An Excuse To Give Up

The world economy is in a very bad state now with unemployment rate going up due to the crisis. A lot of people are giving up now. Life is tough, and it is going to hit you and everybody hard!

5-day Sales Partner Program by Blair Singer

I’m a General Manager of a training company in Malaysia. I never think that I’m a sales person or I can do sales. I always think that my main responsibility is just to…

Income List Boosters: Jaz Lai

I attended Jai Lai’s Income List Boosters today, actually its was a pre-event for Jaz’s students, a bonus half day for us. We were in for a treat. Most of the things Jaz…

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