June 2009

Do You Want To “Never Work Again”?

Well this a question as well as a review on an event called “Never Work Again” by T.Harv Eker. Well most of the event is not done by him, it was presented by other speakers who are investors themselves sharing with Harv’s students. The speakers talked about land banking, stock investing, options trading, futures, commodities, diamond investment, Internet marketing, property investing, economics, investing in a company, ATM investing, natural gas, how to get a book agent, and tax liens.

Millionaire Mind Intensive 2009 Malaysia

This is my third time crewing for the Millionaire Mind Intensive, it was held in Malaysia Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan from 12th ~ 14th June 2009. My intention to be there was to help people change life and catch up with old friends. And I have achieved the two goals.

Instant Internet Business By Ewen Chia

We all know that the Internet is an area which you can’t ignore in this century, and all the more you must use this media to promote your business online. Ewen Chia shared with us on how he made use of trend and earn millions, but before we go any further, let me share with you about Ewen Chia’s background.

Instant Website Traffic By Eu Gene Ang

Having traffic to your website is just like having people coming to browse your offline store. Be it you are selling a physical or non physical product, getting traffic AND customers coming to your website is the most important goal in any business.

Motion Creates Emotion From Boiler Room

A very fast way that can change your emotion in an instance is to have motion. That is motion creates emotion. Why is that? How can that be? That was on my mind when I first heard of this phrase. But come to think of it, when I was moving around a lot, there is a lot of emotion in me, especially when I was playing basketball. There was excitement, thrill and focus in the game that it was caused primarily by the movements that I was doing.

National Achievers Congress 2009 Review

A phrase to describe the National Achievers Congress 2009 – Absolutely amazing and informative! Having already read most of the books in the Rich Dad Series, I was very interested to meet and listen to Robert and his Rich Dad team. The Rich Dad team certainly didn’t disappoint, they covered extensively on the different aspects on successful investing and business to reach out to the audience.

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