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Bellum Tan’s Rich Dad Cashflow Workshop Review

Yesterday I was at the Rich Dad Cashflow Workshop conducted by Bellum Tan which was held at YMCA Singapore. It was not a very huge event, but the sharing by Mr Bellum Tan on RichDad’s principle of business and investing. Before that you can click here to read more about Mr Bellum Tan.

Robert Kiyosaki Live In Singapore 2009 Review

It’s great to learn from Robert Kiyosaki again since 2004 he came to Singapore. This time round Robert brought alone his wife, Kim Kiyosaki and his advisers to Singapore on the 26th ~27th May in Singapore Expo Hall 2.

Robert still teach the same thing on being responsible for your own financial future. So it’s good to recap on what he taught back in 2004. He still focus on teaching building a business, investing on property and investing in stocks.

The Cone Of Learning: Which Level Are You Now?

Were you one of the students that did not do well in school? Have you ever wonder why even if you study very hard yet still not getting the best result? The answer is that school uses reading and lecture as the primary way to educate students, and that reading and lectures are the least effective in terms of learning.

Cashflow 101 Competition: Largest In Asia!

I have recently heard that Success Resources will be organizing the largest Cashflow 101 Competition in Asia! Boy, I like to see the crowd playing there.

Imagine that there are 100 tables with 5 people playing Cashflow 101, there will be 500 people playing at the same time. That will be a lot of fun!

Robert Kiyosaki In Singapore 2009

Good news for Robert Kiyosaki’s Asia fans, Robert will be in Singapore 2009 May. He will be bringing his wife Kim Kiyosaki, and his team of Rich Dad’s Advisers as well. I have…

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