I Was Teased By Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins in Shallow Hall
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Boy! His hands were huge, like banana hands, just like what Jack Black described in his movie ‘Shallow Hal’ about him. I can’t imagine shaking the same man’s hand after watching ‘Shallow Hal’ in 2001, and that was where I first got to know Anthony Robbins, or Tony Robbins.

It was only 3 years later that I got to see Anthony Robbins ‘Live’ in Singapore . It was a huge hall in Singapore Expo, people were crowding, making a lot of noise, there were dancing, singing, hugging, and best of all I was sitting right in front of the stage, furthermore it was the center of the very first front row. It was THE BEST seat in the entire hall.

Just before ending the dance on the stage, Tony appeared and led the whole hall to a stop. Then he asked us to give 10 different persons a hug, and thank them for being there. That was a experience I did not expect, but boy it feels great! We got seated down, Tony was sharing with us that he realized some of us were not doing what he told them to do. So he share why people in the first time meeting each other tend to be more taken aback, especially the Asians. Tony needed a volunteer for a experiment. Well for me I was not about to volunteer myself as I was from the NAVY, which also mean ‘Never Always Volunteer Yourself‘, and use it quite most of my time in the Navy as well.

But lo and behold, Tony’s finger pointed at me and said; ‘Sir, please come up as my volunteer.’ I was stunned for 2 seconds then finally moved my butt to the stage. Tony ask for my name, and he said that imagine that we have never met before, stretch out your hand and shake his hand. So I did as told, then Tony suddenly pull his hand back, and walked away.

Then he shared with everyone, that imagine that people doing that to you, and you will not feel good about it. So he asked everyone to always give an empowering gesture and making the other person feel good during these 4 days. Tony thanked me, and finally gave my deserved handshake to me, the first one in the seminar. And when I got a standing applause from over 4000 people, that felt good.

For the rest of the time, Tony shared so much with us that will blow you away, on your words, physical, thoughts, and focus, etc… I must say going to Unleash The Power Within was the best decision I had ever made that time. I guarantee you that you will be transformed and have the best time in your life if you decide to learn from Tony too.

Tony will be coming to Singapore for ‘Unleash The Power Within 2009’ Live. For those living nearby Singapore, better grab this chance to learn from Tony. If you are interested to come, below are the details for the event:

Date: 4th ~ 7th Sep 2009

Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 2

Time: 1pm ~ 10pm (Day 1)
9am ~ 10pm (Day 2)
9am ~ 10pm (Day 3)
9am ~ 6pm (Day 4)

Diamond Seat @ SGD $3,995
VIP Seat @ SGD $1,495
Gold Seat @ SGD $995

If you want to invest in the Gold seat, please go to Unleash The Power Within 2009! (It might take some time to load)

If you want to invest in the VIP or Diamond seat, please fill in your name, email, mobile number and home address, and we will contact you soonest. You can fill in the contact form here.

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  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Hey Cyrus, how’s my fellow firewalk doing? good or GOOD!!! There is a gathering of all 5000 partipants from 16 countries from the tony robbins live singapore 4-7 sept event and I need you to be there.

    Okay, we are meeting in a facebook group called 2mm tony robbins group. only those on the inside know what 2mm signify.

    Anyway, hope to hear from you,
    find me at michaelweexaddgmaildotcom

    Take Care!

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