The Necessary Valentine’s Day Post

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In advance, do forgive me for writing this utterly frivolous article. It’s the first time I’m writing at I’m sure people are tired of reading the same old “economy in recession” news.

As I try my best to not pass out from the thick atmosphere of lovey-doveyness of today, I’m reminded of the ground-breaking Social Intelligence book by Daniel Goleman. The book is really quite engaging especially the chapters on what happens to the brain when people fall in love.

There are some chemicals involved like dopamine which provides the addictive quality of love – it injects intense pleasure into the brain’s circuitry. There is also oxytocin that when formed goes direct to the brain receptors which are responsible for making very rapid, intuitive judgements about someone when we are meeting for the first time.

Oh yes, apparently these chemicals when formed bypasses the usual gates of rational thought. I think the researchers call it the “Love at first sight” syndrome.

You must be thanking me right now for making science and brain chemistry making the whole life-changing event looking entirely “unromantic”.

To me, everyday should be a Valentine’s Day. Treat your loved one as the special one each and everyday- you should never need a day to remind yourself.

And for those singletons, it is time to show appreciation for yourself. Treat yourself better today. Remember it is true that we cannot give what we don’t have. But if we’re filled to overflowing with love within ourselves, then it will spill over to others without us even trying. But when we’re empty, then we’ll look to others to fill us but unfortunately we won’t be able to give.

Since our feelings radiate from inwards, to give love to others means to have love within ourselves first.

Yes I was sad during my break-up. But most important I had fun since then. I realized I had love all around me from friends and family. I know that sometimes loss is part of love. And that ultimately, love starts with me.

And finally today was special because one of my best friends in life just called me to inform she was was getting engaged. Congratulations darling, your happy news really put a big smile on my face tonight. Thank you for sharing this happy news with yours truly!

Much love and blessings to all.

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