Financial Seminar

The Systematic Trader Review: The Trading Methodology Without Emotions

I have heard that the 3 ways to make money is through business, property and stocks. I have my own business and also invested into property, so now I like to venture successfully…

Jerome Tan

Jerome Tan’s Property Investment Program Review

“We have invested between 16-18 years attending school from primary to tertiary education. But does your school teach you how to be rich?” This question had me pondering from the start till the…

Dr Alexander Elder

Invest Wisely In 2012 Review (Day 2, Advanced)

I have just recently attended a 2 day seminar which was held by Dr Alexander Elder, which is famous in the psychology field in trading. Basically he presented his ideas about trading from…

Invest Wisely In 2012 with Dr Alexander Elder Review (Day 1)

I attended “Invest Wisely In 2012” 2 weeks ago, it was organised by PhillipsCapital, the main speak was Dr Alexander Elder, MD , who is a professional trader, an expert in technical analysis,…

Wealth Academy Investor Review

Wealth Academy Investor is an intensive wealth training program, covered over the span of 4 full days. Be prepared to work your mind to it’s fullest potential (and even into areas you didn’t knew existed!).

Systematically arranged course that teaches the participant about financial education. Firstly changing the mindset, then conceptualizing a master plan. Learning how to create multiple stream of income, truly expanding the mind on every avenue of money making opportunities….

SharesXpert Review: Trading System Made Easy For You

SharesXpert Stock Trading System is the latest product by Fabian Lim and Hendry Setiadi. It is an online trading system which was formulated by a German gentleman who we were not inform of…

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