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Do You Want To “Never Work Again”?

Well this a question as well as a review on an event called “Never Work Again” by T.Harv Eker. Well most of the event is not done by him, it was presented by other speakers who are investors themselves sharing with Harv’s students. The speakers talked about land banking, stock investing, options trading, futures, commodities, diamond investment, Internet marketing, property investing, economics, investing in a company, ATM investing, natural gas, how to get a book agent, and tax liens.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp Review

Internet Marketing Bootcamp is an event by Fabian Lim. It is a Internet marketing seminar designed for beginners who want to start their Internet business.

There are a lot of advantages in using marketing on the internet. First is global audience, second is low in cost, third is no employment involved (if you you want). There are many others, but the above three are the most sound after.

Well, all these can be learn when you have the right teacher. For me I learn my internet marketing skills from Fabian Lim. Fabian specializes in Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, Online Campaign Management and Affiliate Marketing Strategy…

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