October 2012
Wendy Kwek

Wendy Kwek’s Property Investment Seminar: Real or Scam Deal?

I have always been interested in property investing, so I decided to look around for different property investing previews for me to understand more and take action. managed to chance upon Wendy Kwek and found out she is currently organising property investment seminars under WK Events Pte Ltd.

I have heard about Wendy Kwek a few years ago, but I did not know that she was into property investing, hence I decided to give her a chance; go with an open heart to listen, learn and see what she has to offer.

Procrastination: 2 Men Sleeping Away

Get Rid of Procrastination

People want to have life like a royal. We sometimes admire those successful people and wish that we could also live the way they live. That’s why most of people are into television…

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