July 2009

Selling Requires Energy

Its been fun returning to Blair Singer’s 2 days “Authentic Sales And Leadership Program”. Actually its like my third time attending the program, and it has always give me new insights and old ones as well. What I want to do is to share on what I have learn from the first day itself.

Everybody in this world is a sales person, even if you are not a sales person in profession, in a way you are selling your ideas, your thoughts, your decisions, etc…. A very interesting questions popped up during the event by Blair: “How many of you are married out there (about half the room raised their hands)?”

I Was Focused Towards Success

I have something to confess to you, when I first start attending seminars years ago, I did not take action on the things I learned from the speakers. Were you like that before? Oh man!!! We are the same!!! Thank God I was not like that all along!

But things slowly changed as I continued to attend seminars (which cost a lot but now I look back was actually my best investments), my thoughts began to take action in reality.

Unleash The Power Within “Live” In Singapore Sept 2009

Yes! Tony Robbins is coming to Singapore this 4th ~ 7th September 2009 for “Unleash The Power Within”.

Its been like 5 years since I attended the program, so I got the brochure for the event to help me and you to explain, and you can find out what you are going to learn during this life-changing event!

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