Wendy Kwek’s Property Investment Seminar: Real or Scam Deal?

I have always been interested in property investing, so I decided to look around for different property investing previews for me to understand more and take action. managed to chance upon Wendy Kwek and found out she is currently organising property investment seminars under WK Events Pte Ltd.Wendy Kwek

I have heard about Wendy Kwek a few years ago, but I did not know that she was into property investing, hence I decided to give her a chance; go with an open heart to listen, learn and see what she has to offer.

The preview started on time at 1.30pm An emcee introduced himself and told us some house rules after which, Wendy took the stage. She is surprisingly young for her age.

Wendy Kwek shared with us her story. She was not from a rich family, her dad was a policeman and her mum was a full time housewife. She worked in the corporate environment for 8 years, deciding to come out and be a freelance salesperson for a company. Sales was good and she was on her way to a financially stable income; however things took a turn for the worst when the company decided to not only reduce her commissions, they also decided to stop engaging her service.

This landed her in a very serious debt situation but it was a blessing in disguise when she started a new company herself focusing on property investing.

Her principle in investing is quite simple;
1) Build sustainable wealth
2) Learn to make money with little or no money down first, then it’s easy to make money with money.
3) Learn to love the numbers, not the investment
4) Always have an entry and exit strategy rule, and stick to it.
5) Treat every property deal like a business deal.
6) You make money when you buy, not when you sell. (Taken from Robert Kawasaki)
8) Always buy at wholesale/discounted price, not at retail price.

Wendy invested in a lot of different properties in Singapore and other countries. For the Singapore properties, she showed us examples of HDBs, Condos, Landed Properties, Offices (commercial types) and shophouses.

She shared with the audience a good deal she had once – An owner of the shophouse wanted to get rid of the property at SGD$800K however she managed to negotiate a 28% discount with him. Then she convinced her property network group to invest in this shophouse, the result? Buying the shophouse with no money down!

Wendy Kwek told us that it’s harder to make money with Singapore properties nowadays, hence she, herself had sold off some of her local properties. Her next area of focus to invest outside of Singapore which she recommended to us.

Lastly, she shared with the audience that having a network of like minded people is what makes her so successful. The rich network, the poor just work. That is why she is conducting a 2 and 1/2 days property investing program.

The main reason why those who want to join her network has to attend the class is so that the new network investors will know the strategies, have the same lingo and talk the same language as those already in her network.

So back to the question whether Wendy Kwek is scamming or providing the real deal?

I think this is a real deal, futhermore Wendy came from the “Money and You” group, where integrity in doing business is very important.

By the way, Wendy shared that all her property deals did not lost money for the investors network. If she is that confident then it most probably true.


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