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How to Get Rid of Negative Talks? Be Positive!

Not all people who talking to themselves are crazy. Sometimes, we just don’t realize it but we are talking to ourselves most of the day. It is a like a radio inside our head. It is talking to us and reminding how silly, bad or good we are. It also serves as our critics in our actions. Worse, it can change our mood and outlook into something pessimistic.

Selling Requires Energy

Its been fun returning to Blair Singer’s 2 days “Authentic Sales And Leadership Program”. Actually its like my third time attending the program, and it has always give me new insights and old ones as well. What I want to do is to share on what I have learn from the first day itself.

Everybody in this world is a sales person, even if you are not a sales person in profession, in a way you are selling your ideas, your thoughts, your decisions, etc…. A very interesting questions popped up during the event by Blair: “How many of you are married out there (about half the room raised their hands)?”

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