Unleash The Power Within 2009 Review

It has been one of my biggest dreams to attend an Anthony Robbins seminar, Live! I created this dream way back in 2002…

…Fast forward to September 2009. A series of moments I will treasure forever. Moments I can anchor upon for conquering myself and creating for myself a powerful life state. Here are my highlights from this life-changing program.

Day 1 – The Firewalk Experience

The first day of Unleash the Power Within started around 1pm.

I was already waiting at Singapore Expo around 9am imagining how I was to walk barefoot on blazing red hot coals. Tony Robbins (in the videos I have watched) has always downplayed the firewalk merely as a metaphor. I cannot wrap my mind on such downplaying because even as I know of it as a metaphor for conquering fears; they were so BIG that they stop me right on my tracks. The image of the HOT coals appear very real in my mind. (it did not help to know that there are no tricks involved.)

But then, Tony introduced us to the Power of being in Peak State. Suddenly, the fear of getting burned was no longer a factor in my life as i know that the incredible state i learned how to be in would protect me from the fear that stops me. What was even more remarkable about what Tony has taught is that you can immediately apply it. My wife only arrived around 7pm, the same time when Tony was already instructing the audience how to do the Firewalk and she was able to do it successfully.

We TOOK ACTION and conquered our fears! I am so proud of my wife, myself and for being at UPW.

Day 2 – Seeing My Dreams Take Form

I know what I want, or so I thought. I have heard that thoughts are things. I have watched and read the popular materials about the Law of Attraction. But Day 2 pushed me to a higher understanding how my dreams can be turned to reality.

First the Ultimate Success Formula was explained. (1) Know My Outcome, (2) Know My BIG Why’s, (3) Take Massive Action, (4) Evaluate My Progress and (5) Change My Approach until i Get Nearer and/or Faster to My Outcome. Then this strategy was strongly supplemented by the Power of Belief. If thoughts are things, then beliefs are the mountains – they either block us or raise us to greater heights. I choose the latter.

Well, the belief i adopted is that, “I CAN!”. The big conclusion is putting my Passion in writing and reinforcing it with decision, commitment and resolve.

Day 3 – The Day of Transformation

If I was super excited about the firewalk, I was highly ecstatic of my transformation experience beyond expectations.

I became aware that Mastery is holistic and never applicable to a few areas of my or anybody’s life. There are 7 areas of constant growth which may be developed starting with the foundation in physiological accomplishment until the peak of spiritual fulfillment. The strategies in organizing resources to achieve success immediately are very helpful especially in communication and human relations – determinants of one’s quality of life.

Finally, becoming aware of one’s hierarchy of values and limiting beliefs moves your life toward the direction you wish it to be. It was very true on my part. I realigned my values with my passion and eliminated my limiting beliefs by replacing them with empowering ones – “I am Success, Creative and Abundance!”.

Day 4 – Revolutionary Insight into Health

My mind was literally cracked open by the ideas presented during this day. This is the only day when my doubts about the program were strongest because the ideas they were sharing were truly radical. What softened my stance though were two things: (1) they are not forcing us to follow what they are sharing. We can consider it as a “second opinion”. and (2) we are seeing the speakers truly manifesting the results they say we can have by trying out their proposition for a “few” days… (OK, 10 days, the minimum, is not at all few days in my calendar without meat, milk or all the other sumptuous foods I have gotten used to.).

But then, i tried it…unwillingly at first…a little supported afterwards (thanks to my semi-vegan mom!) and then i begin to enjoy it. Even if I have not fully subscribed to the 10-day challenge (…not yet! due to peer…ok i admit, due to my children’s pressure who eat more heartily with foods not highly recommended in the program…), I am beginning to feel the benefits of living healthy and happy about my improved energy. I wonder how my body would react if I fully follow the program? You and I already know the answer to that…do you? 

Bottomline, the Unleash the Power Within understated its marketing punchline when it stated:

“(The Program) is about seizing the power that is already within you and using it to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been scripted for you by your environment, your history, society, or anyone else. It’s about not settling for less than you can be – in all areas of your life.”

I am astounded by the Power I have discovered within me by attending this program. I know you will too when you experience Anthony Robbins’ powerful intervention.

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