National Achievers Congress 2009 Review

National Achievers Congress 2009A phrase to describe the National Achievers Congress 2009 – Absolutely amazing and informative! Having already read most of the books in the Rich Dad Series, I was very interested to meet and listen to Robert and his Rich Dad team.

The Rich Dad team certainly didn’t disappoint, they covered extensively on the different aspects on successful investing and business to reach out to the audience.

The seminar was conducted from ground-up with the team touching on the fundamentals of being rich and successful – that of altering one’s mindset, from one from the E-S Quadrant to one from the B-I Quadrant.

The basic tenet of his philosophy being to generate sufficient passive income through investments and/or business so that this passive income can support you.

Only then, is one truly financially free! The seminar was truly enjoyable as the Rich Team used appropriate anecdotes and analogy to bring their point across, from teachings of Robert’s Rich Dad to the success stories of Rich Dad’s advisors.

The Rich Dad advisors were primed to educate the participants on their specialist field as they are truly experts in their field. Blair Singer, the advisor on sales was truly informative and entertaining and was adept in reaching out to the audience. The energy present in the presenters clearly invigorated the audience and enhanced our learning.

The team approach to delivering the content was also refreshing as the banter between the team enhanced learning and Robert’s questions to his team presented the content in an easy to learn way for those who are professionals as well as amateurs with little prior knowledge in the field.

In addition to empowering our mind, Robert also encourages discussion among fellow participants to promote learning as learning was not restricted from the trainers but I also learnt from fellow participants as they shared their knowledge and experiences.

The NAC functioned not only as a platform for the trainers to develop our Millionaire Mindset, but there were also concrete strategies for success. For example, Michael Maloney providing the participants investment strategies for commodities by showing us charts and making comparisons of today’s gold and silver prices and encouraging us to invest in these physical commodities.

The real estate specialist Ken McElroy also substantiated his points by providing simple illustrations of making huge returns by purchasing real estate and renting them out.

In these trying economic and volatile market situations, the specialist in paper assets – Andy Tanner enlightened us on the various strategies where investors could profit not only on a market upswing but also in down markets and markets which trade sideways.

The attractiveness of the NAC was that it exposed participants to a wide range of topics – from that of sales, branding, investments in paper assets, commodities and real estate, but it also provided participants the opportunity to further their education in their desired field.

There were different products on offer for the interested participants, from other seminars which are catered specifically to the various fields to books and other audio-visual materials.

On the third day of the Congress, speakers like T. Harv Eker and Greg Secker made appearances. Mr Eker was truly energetic and truly left a deep impression on me with his inspirational tones in creating the Wealthy Warrior in us. I developed and enhance my positive mindset just after a session with Mr Eker and felt truly energized.

I could sense that in this session he really laid the foundation of the Millionaire Mindset in me and other participants. Greg Secker also captured my attention with his strategies in becoming a successful Forex trader.

This being my first NAC was truly an enlightening, informational and inspirational. I would totally recommend attending this Congress to everyone as the speakers are truly world-class experts in their field and their delivery is both informational and interesting. I absolutely look forward to NAC 2010!

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