Unleash the Power Within 2009 Experience at Singapore Expo

Unleash the Power Within was by far the best ever seminar that I’ve attended here in Singapore. I didn’t actually signed up during the UPW preview since my other educational investments (internet marketing) on installment is still ongoing. On the other hand, Anthony Robbins has been one of the many top personal development coaches from my iPod Nano (4th generation).

I’ve even shared what I’ve learned from his audiobook  Unlimited Power in my blog. In my mind, I’ll be missing a lot if I will not be able to attend and see him live. So I kept on communicating thru my contact in Success Resources until I was given a good deal from the usual price and so I finally made to the event.

UPW was a non-stop action from September 4-7, 2009 at Singapore Expo. On the first day, we were conditioned to conquer our fear by Firewalking over burning coals by repeating a mantra “cool moss”.

As our group approaches the fire coals I can see from my height that only a few burned coals were left and so I became more confident since this will be a piece of cake for me. Later on, the fire walking came to a stop and saw a wheel borrow with fresh burn coals coming and spreading all over the fire walk way. My heart beats faster as I came closer and closer.

There was even a lady who gave her turn to others first until she can regain her confidence back. Now, it was my turn and my determination was still a strong as ever and just did follow as Tony Robbins had instructed us.

I walk as normal (not fast and not slow) with head above looking forward with the repeated chant of “cool moss” every step. I finished the fire walk with an ease and jumped for celebration with high fives to everyone. I was on fire.

I must admit that I felt the pain after some time and I actually got blisters the day after. I am still capable of firewalking if given another chance. The level of my mental state had dramatically increased as I will just have to remember that experience whenever I will encounter challenges in my life. I will evolve continually to be the best that I can be and conquer the field of limitless and unknown.

During those 4 days, I felt I was close to heaven since all races of different colour; religions and cultures all over the world came to one place and created the highest possible level of energy on earth at Singapore Expo.

There are no boundaries as every individual are all equal in love to one another especially to the extraordinary God sent friend, Anthony Robbins.

There was a moment at day 3, where I was really emotionally intense to the point of crying because of the pain through The Dickens Process exercise of limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs. It was like watching myself in the big screen, as the actor creating a story of success in the future through a time machined space bubble. It was like the movie Back to the Future with me as Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox).

Lastly, If you Can’t, You Must! Now I am the Voice. I will lead, not follow. I will believe, not doubt. I will create, not destroy. I am a Force for Good. I am a Leader.

Defy the Odds! Set a new standard! Step Up!

P.S. I signed up as a UPW crew for the next event in the future!

Jerome is a Internet marketer (Jerome’s Blog On Personal Development) attended the Unleash The Power Within in Singapore Sept 2009 recently, sharing what he has learn and experienced during the 4 days.

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