Real Internet Secrets: How Real Is This Secret?

FabianLimFabian Lim shared with his students in his new seminar called ‘Real Internet Secret’ that now is the time to start your internet business.

That most offline businesses are not taking seriously about their website in Singapore and in other parts of the world. The students learn four different models that can help them make money online.

Profit Model no 1: Content Publishing

Content publishing is by far the lowest in investment and the highest amount of time involved if you are writing the content yourself. Why? It’s because this model is all about giving fresh new content. If you thinking of starting a blog, content publishing is very suitable for blogging.

It is easy to set up, SEO friendly, and cheap to maintain. The main disadvantage is the time issue, and you may have to build your website traffic slowly if you are in a competitive niche. This profit model is good for those who do not have a lot of money, but have a lot of time.

Profit Model no 2: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is by far what every Internet Marketers are doing, they will start off with this model first. Because they do not have products to sell online, so they search for profitable and useful products and promote online.

Affiliate marketing is also greatly used in content publishing, depending on the niche you are in. Experts like Ewen Chia started off as an affiliate selling other people’s product. You can use PPC to sell affiliate products online – but do note that PPC involves using your money to make money.

Fabian teach in this course on PPC as well, which is very important to do well online. You can read more about PPC traffic generation here on Eu Gene Ang.

Profit Model no 3: Product Creation

This is the part where you need to have a product to sell online. Fabian do not recommend to beginners on Internet marketing, as he also took 3 years to produce his first online product.

To go through what was learned, find a market or demand, find out the competitors, create product, set up website and Joint Venture with other Internet marketers (you will need to know the marketers and build relationship with them first).

Joint venture is the main issue why beginners are not recommended to go into this model. They do not know anyone (internet marketers) who can also help them market to the mass market. This is where your public relation (PR) has to come in.

Profit Model no 4: Offline Business

This is by far the most numbers of success stories with his students. Almost more than 60% of his students used this model to profit from the Internet. The reason I have stated is that most offline business, do not focus on their business on the Internet – thus leaving a huge piece of pie for Internet marketers to devour easily.

Fabian has a student (Jian Yong) who started off one page website, which made Jian Yong instant profit in 2 weeks time, now Jian Yong has 20 business, that makes him $5,000 to $10,000 a month per business. He is now essentially financially-free at the young age of 21  – just by doing offline business.

The above 4 profit model highly depends on keyword research, and using a keyword research tool will make your work easy and fast for you. Remember that nothing in life is impossible, you are just lazy to do it only. With a properly written execution plan, you will see success soon.

If you are interested to attend the 2 and half days event by Fabian Lim, do contact us for more information.

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