Do You Analyze Your Business Online?

You will not believe that when a business is starting a website, they do not take into account that analyzing your website is just as important on driving traffic to your website.

I recently went to the a half day event that is conducted by Ivan Wong (organised by ClickMedia) on using Google Analytics to analysis your website for free. Yes it’s free and provided by Google.

Why Should We Use Google Analytis For Our Business Website?

Have you ever you paid for a advertising or a newspaper ad not knowing how many people seen your ads, not knowing how many took action, not knowing what you Return Of Investment (ROI) was? This is the main issue for most of the business, where they know how many sales or leads are made, but not knowing the actual number of people who saw the advertising.

This is the best reason why using Google Analytics, you are able to find out how many people actually saw your web page, how many click on the link, how many sales were made in the end. This is the funnel system that every business wants to know. Business people wants to find out the numbers, like what Robert Kiyosaki said “Numbers don’t lie”.

Knowing your numbers is the clue to success in business.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Google Analytics

Besides knowing your numbers (traffic volume), you will be able to know where your visitors come from, what keywords they use to find you online,  how many web pages they went through, which is the most popular web page, what is the least popular web page and most importantly knowing the percentage of your most traffic whereabouts.

What do I mean by this? Because there are a lot of ways to bring in traffic to your website. You need to know which is the one that will bring you the most targeted traffic, so that you can concentrate on your marketing effort on that particular area.

Of course there are other benefits of using Google Analytics that are still in the process of developing, and that it will be very wise and practical to use this free service.

Know What Your Customers Want

It is through using Google Analytics that you will be able to know and understand what your customers are looking for. It is only in analytics that you will be able to improve your company website to suit your customer’s needs and find out what they want.

By the way, this half day course will be conducting again in Sept 2009, and if you are interested in attending the event, do use the contact form to contact us.

And if you are not able to make it in Sept 09, do not worry the event will be conducted every 2 months, and it’s very affordable to understand why analyzing your online business is very crucial to your business success.

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