Joomla 101 Intensive: How To Create a Professional Looking Website

Joomla Trainer: Andrew Boey I went to a Joomla website creation course last week by Andrew Boey – called Joomla 101 Intensive Review. I created my first Joomla website within a day all with Andrew’s help. So what did Andrew teach that made this Joomla website creation so easy to follow?

Before I touch on the course, I like to share that setting up a Joomla website is not at all easy, and can be very frustrating.  BUT, Joomla websites are very corporate looking that can easily look as though  its done by a professional web designer who charges $5K and above.

One thing is that Andrew is very humble and shares a lot with his students on Joomla related questions, and even some other SEO related questions too.

The course is very structured and fun, though I must say that at some point of the course I was out of my head and got lost for a while.

But thank God, Andrew is able to pull us back from the over content rich sharing. He even make sure that we show what we have done on screen. Talk about the teacher being more anxious than the students – hahahaha.

What we will get in the end is a customized all-in-one complete website, with useful plugins, template, and structure of a Joomla website. This will make our job in the future of creating a new Joomla website easier and faster.

So are you interested to learn to build a Joomla website, you can check it out here for more Joomla course information. Below are what you will be learning:

You will learn the following during the 1-day Joomla! 101 Intensive:

  1. How to build a website that is worth at least $1,000+ on the market
  2. How to create your business website from scratch without any programming knowledge
  3. How to create a Joomla! website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) using Joomla
  4. Discover the right plugins to enhance your Joomla! website
  5. How to collect useful data from your visitors to provide better services for them in the future. So, they will want to come back to you again and again!
  6. Learn how to replicate a Joomla website in 5-10mins so can skip all the installation and configurations
  7. Have a working website ready to go!! (See our demo site of what your web will look like at the end- Demo Site)
  8. Learn at least one way on how you can make $$$ after acquiring this skill!!

I am really looking forward to create more Joomla websites in the near future, and it will definitely help in converting more sales when the websites are so professional looking.

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