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Advanced SEO Certification Review

I have attended the Advanced SEO Certification in Nov 2010, last month just re-attended it again. So this post has been delayed for more than a year now. Hahahaha.If you want to read another Advance SEO Review by Aidah, click on the link.

This year’s Advanced SEO seminar is very different from last year, maybe it’s because the more I re-learn it, the more I understand on SEO. So what is the main difference this year compare to last?

Local Marketing Coaching Review

Local Marketing Coaching is the latest training done by Fabian Lim, Simon Leung and Andy Huang. This is a 3 days event focusing on local business marketing as a SEM consultant or SEM agency. This is for those Internet marketers who wants to help or service the local business owners as a SEM consultant. This 3 day event will be release in August 2011 in the form of DVDs and notes. Local Marketing Coaching Folder

Jo Han Mok Review: Traffic Serializer Seminar

“Traffic Serializer” sounded like a silly seminar to attend when I first heard it. Then I found out the speaker of this seminar is none other than Jo Han Mok. If you are new to this industry, Jo Han is THE guy to go to for internet marketing. Needless to say, I signed up for the 2-day seminar without hesitation.

In the seminar, Jo Han talked about how traffic can be either paid or free. He went on to explain the different forms of paid and free traffic (I will not give away too much on the different types of traffic).

Real Social Marketing Secrets Review

Real Social Marketing Secret was conduct by Simon Leung, facilitated by Fabian Lim on 13th Mar 2010, Singapore Management University at School of Economics. I was there the whole day, where Simon was sharing most of the time, and Fabian added in some thoughts into social media marketing, using Twitter, Facebook, Video Marketing & Social Bookmarking.

Social marketing has been the talk of the town (actually the talk of the world), bringing thousands of free traffic to your website or affiliate sites, thus making money daily. So how is it done then? To get thousands of visitors to website and make money out of it?

Jaz Lai: Inbox Cash Explosion Review

3 weeks ago I helped out at Jaz Lai’s seminar where he has better structure than his previous Income List Booster. What I must say is that the students are getting more than what I learn from him in the previous seminar.

Asia Internet Congress Back In 2009!

Asia Internet Congress is coming back to Singapore again this Oct 30 to Nov 1 2009. What can I tell you about Asia Internet Congress 2009, where you can learn from experts who are making real money from the Internet. They will be sharing tips on how they succeed online, and what was their experience in overcoming failure.

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