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I am surprised by the way Jaz Lai shared in his internet marketing strategies, he has a reason why he did that. A short intro about Jaz, he was a fashion retail owner who has tried a lot of ways to be successful, attended seminars to improve on himself. It was in a internet marketing seminar, that his life change. Jaz took action and sees result from it. Now an expert internet marketer in just about 4 years, he is a guy who cannot be underestimated. You will be surprised by his marketing skills, because of his fashionable appearance. You can see Jaz picture above.

Finally got to complete Jaz Lai’s Income List Boosters seminar on Sunday. I must say that Jaz has provide a lot of strategy to driving traffic and a lot of support for his students (me included). Have you ever went to the seminar and get support from the speaker? Jaz Lai is one that gives his best, and you will feel that you are not walking on your own.

The main topic Jaz was teaching is on generating a list of your own. As he share that if there is a fire in every internet marketer’s home, the list of emails he has gathered for years. Because with that list, he can still make money out of the list. This is a very important thing to note upon. So for us as newbies, what do we do?

Jaz shared that we are to create a squeeze page to collect names and emails, so we can have the list. Next is to concentrate of driving traffic to the squeeze page. This is where the hard part is and the most important. So he gave us 6 main ways to diving traffic, article submission, video marketing, blogging, give away, pay per click and lastly ad swap, in generating a huge list for your email marketing.

EmailĀ  marketing is where I will have to follow up with the lists that I got from the traffic. Here we are to communicate with the list like a bubbly friend. Because email marketing is all about relationship, and it is through this relationship that your friends will buy from you. I have heard in the salesmanship world that relationship selling is the best way to sell to your customers, as they are your friends. If you help them in their success, don’t you think they will help you back?

To wrap it up, if you want to succeed in internet marketing, and feel that you need support, Jaz Lai is one that I will highly recommend.

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  1. Cyrus,
    Thanks for the post. Jaz was one of the first people to contact me, I think in facebook. He is one of two people who’s emails I welcome and quite often read.

    Personally I have a hard time following just one mentor. Online I have at least four that I follow. And Jaz is a strong one. I’m not sure of what he is offering in the way of a money making program but he always has something great to offer. From my experience with my other mentors I purchase from them whenever an offer I seek is made available from them.

    In short…follow Jaz. His advise is good. He is on point. You’ll learn a lot.


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