Alvin Phang Blogging Mastery Workshop Review


Blogging Mastery Workshop by Alvin Phang was a seminar on how to be successful in blogging. Through I have been blogging for a few months now, Alvin shared how he drove traffic to his blog, how he made sales, etc…

Before I begin on what Alvin has been teaching, a short intro about him. Alvin previously was a working for some company, earning less than SGD $1,500/mth. Then he learnt about internet marketing by blogging, so he began doing it part time. But it was only after his father had an accident, did he see results from blogging. Today he is earning an average of USD $10,000/mth.

Below are what Alvin taught us:

1) 8 Powerful Tips On Dos & Don’ts On Blogging
–  8 Powerful Tips On Blogging
–  8 Things to Avoid When Blogging

2) Getting Started With Blogging
–  The Power Of Blogs
–  Power Of Atomic Blogging
–  How Can Atomic Blogging Help Your Online Business
–  The 5 Steps Blogging Traffic Blueprint

3) Building Your Business With Market & Keyword Research
–  Your Key to Success is Traffic
–  The Importance of Keyword Research
–  Finding Hot Profitable Keywords With Overture
–  Finding Hot Markets Online That Sells
–  Getting Your Affiliate Links To Sell Stuff Online

4) Setting Up a Profitable Blog to Generate Cash Online
–  Choosing an Eye Catching Domain Name
–  Registering Your Domain Name
–  About Hosting Services
–  Registering Your Hosting Services
–  Setting Up Your Domain Name Server
–  Setting Up Your Atomic Blogging WordPress
–  Installing Atomic Blogging Modules and Themes
–  Setting Up Atomic Blogging Akismet Module
–  Setting Up Atomic Blogging Themes

5) Optimizing Your Blog To Perform
– 6 Powerful SEO Secret Tips On Blogging
– Enhancing WordPress Blog Optimization

6) Powerful Tips On Blogging
–  Writing Compiling Articles On Your Blog
–  Working Smart With Outsourcing

7) Monetizing Your Blog
–  Types of Advertisement Programs
–  Setting Up Google Adsense
–  More Ad Networks
–  More Ways to Make Money

8 ) Getting Traffic and Really Lots of it!
– Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Blog
– Article Marketing
– Getting Floods of Traffic form Blog Comments
– Getting Massive Traffic form Blog Reviews
– Forum Marketing

9) Leveraging On Web 2.0 & Social Networks
– What is Web 2.0
– The Atomic Blogging Effect
– Guideline For Maximum Results

10) Advance Traffic Tips & Bonus Chapters
– Advanced Traffic Tactics
– Traffic Case Study #1 : Blogcatalog
– Advance Marketing Tip #1 : Steal and Swipe Powerful Ads From Your Competitors
– Advance Marketing Tip #2 : Finding the Super Affiliates of Host Selling Products Online
– Advance Marketing Tip #3 : Steal & Track Your Competitors Keyword List
– Advance Marketing Tip #4 : Spy On Your Competitors What Sells Online

I must say that although I know quite a lot on blogging, but Alvin has taught us more and given us more bonus for attending the workshop. Like forum marketing, he shared how to get traffic from forum, and keeping it there for long term, and many others as well. This way is a very labor intensive strategy, which I think is not really smart to focus upon on.

Though the bonuses he gave were great, but there is one thing which I think is not very ethical of Alvin. He gave us copy of his Atomic Blogging Theme, where I found out that the theme were full of Adsense ads. I have not activate my Adsense account yet, so I guess that the Adsense ads would come from him.

This is one of the things that I am not happy about. So if you want to learn from Alvin, I would want to rethink and even stop my past self from attending his seminar.

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