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I attended Jai Lai’s Income List Boosters today, actually its was a pre-event for Jaz’s students, a bonus half day for us. We were in for a treat. Most of the things Jaz taught was copy and paste.

What this pre-event do is to help Jaz’s students have an introduction to list building, a internet marketing strategy which is very important. Let me explain what list building strategy is all about: it is collecting of potential customer’s name and email, who are interested in the niche/ topic you are promoting. To make list building work is relationship selling, because your lead (treating leads as friends, will really help in generating sales easily) will listen or take your advice for the product you are promoting.

In this pre-event, Jaz wanted us to help in setting up a squeeze page, where we will be collecting lead’s name and email. So he went through some of the essential things to be done first before collecting list. That are Market Research & Product Research.

Market Research are searching for the popular demand that the world is crazy about. Jaz share with us the few research websites he use. 70% ~ 70% of the leads will be from the United States, as the Americans are the leaders in online market. During the event, Jaz wanted us to find three niches that we have a passion to promote. The niche must have at least 500 traffic a day, to pass the selection of niche.

Why choose niche that we have passion on? Because we will continue on this niche for at least 5 years, we do not want to drop the list which you build for the last few months because you do not have the passion. This will be a mistake, wasting your time and effort.

Next is product research, where Jaz wanted us to choose at least 3 related products to the niche, so we can promote other product when the first product is not sold. You can find the niche products in the affiliate products market like ClickBank, PayDotCom, (Commission Junction), ShareaSale, AssociatePrograms and LifeTimeCommissions.

You MUST find a product that convert well, so how do we find that. Imagine that you are the lead or customer, when you see the website, do you find it neat and clean, then it has pass the visual test. Second is to find out the traffic that the website is getting.

Lastly, there are three things you must have before list building, a domain name, a hosting and auto responder. Jaz taught us to use the auto responder and how to build a squeeze page. There are some really important things on the squeeze page, which is so simple yet effective.

Overall, I am please with the event, and believe I will succeed in the internet marketing world. So I will execute on list building soon. Look out for my second post on the actual seminar.

By the way “Income List Boosters” is held in Singapore and its going to be held quite frequently. There is a preview on the 7th Feb 09 (Sat), if you are interested in the event, contact us at contact(at) Below is the address:

Date: 3pm ~ 5pm (registration starts 2.30pm)
Address: No.37, Yu Li Industrial Building#09-04,
Geylang Lorong 23 (Off Sims Avenue),
Singapore 388371.

I hope to see you there. Cheers!

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  1. Any tutorials out there how to become expert in List Building ?…

  2. Hi Thomas,

    You can purchase Jaz Lai’s product to start learning. Here is another great resource for building a squeeze page.

    It’s a never ending process of learning and testing to become an expert in list building.

    Hope that helps, and hear from you soon.

    Cyrus Yung

  3. Market research is always essential for the succes of any kind of business.–`

  4. Hi Samantha,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Without finding out what the market wants, you are in unknown arena and your chances of success in low too.

    Cyrus Yung

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