5-day Sales Partner Program by Blair Singer

Bliar Singer Sales Partner Program 2009

I’m a General Manager of a training company in Malaysia. I never think that I’m a sales person or I can do sales. I always think that my main responsibility is just to run the company as long it doesn’t make any loss. Doing sales is not my job! Blair Singer has changed my thoughts completely and he also proved that I can also do sales with outstanding results.

What I liked the most during the 5-days was the volley ball game. Blair said the game was a reflection of attitude. True enough, each of our different characters starts to emerge during the game. Some has shown great leadership while some are just being spectators and not participating while some are like superstars ready to show off but not a good team player.

I also learned that in a team, it’s always mission first, team second and lastly being self. But many people including myself have been focused on self, then team and mission. It is no wonder why our target (mission) could not be achieved.

There is another astounding thing happen in this 5-day. I never see such things happen in my life or in my team. Guess what? It is just 10 minutes… just in 10 minutes our team was able to generate sales revenue of SGD 12,789. It is only for a group of 35 people. We were shocked by the number that we achieved. Think though again, if 10 minutes SGD 12,789, how much would it be in one hour? That’s SGD76, 734 no kidding! Would you be excited if your team can make SGD 76,734 in one hour?

I don’t believe I’m a sales person but I actually generated thousands of sales throughout the 5 days. Not me only but the rest are the same. There are business owners, top management; finance personnel in the room. But everyone proved to themselves that they can SELL!

The fact is EVERYONE SELLS! Blair is really a great master that he gives his whole heart to teach and coach us to be a great person. He also gives us clear picture if we wish to be a successful business person we need to know ourselves, our team and the numbers. Numbers will tell us the truth about the business performance.

Finally it is not just about sales. It is also about relationships. Find out the relationships with the people & the relationship in the numbers… You will find that business is really that simple!

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  1. I agree 100% with this post. I am from Idaho Falls, Idaho (USA) and was in Singapore for the 5 day course. It was awesome and completely life changing.

  2. Hi Josiah,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You need marketing skills for your online products, not selling. Let the web page sell for you.

    Cyrus Yung

  3. Where can I have your event schedule?

  4. Hi there,

    You can check on http://www.srpl.net/event/ for more details. It’s from 8th to 12th March.

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