Authentic Sales And Leadership 2008

Authentic Sales and Leadership seminar is an event by Blair Singer. Teaching you the fundamental of business is that everybody must sell in your company.

The reason that 95% of the businesses fail is the same reason that most people never become rich. It’s not because they don’t have great ideas, great products or services. It’s because they can’t, don’t know how or refuse to SELL.

Sales equals income, equals energy. That was where I learn from Blair Singer last year in Malaysia. It was a very different event compare to other events. Through it has lots of content, but its the doing that really show what your true nature is.

Have you been led by anyone who was in high in emotion, turning you into the same? Well, I have. A couple of times, customers were angry with the situation they are in, and they say words that hurt or anger me. That was where my emotions were high and my intelligence low. We as sales people must not be led by the customers, instead we must led the customers to where we want them to be.

Another important skill Blair Singer taught there, were objection handling. He has us go through objection from from our partner (acting as customer). We are to give an acknowledgment then a questions after an objection. Blair shared with us that he did this as his foundation as a sales person. If we were to go through this objection handling daily for 15 minutes, we will be the top sales person in our company in no time.

This event is not just about sales, it is also about leading. If you are able to sell but all the others in your company can’t, you are in deep trouble. The rule for a successful company is that everyone sells in that company. So you must teach them how to sell.

This event is meant for sales people out there wanting to build a highly successful sales team and be able to teach others to sell as well.

There are a lot of other sales skill I learn which were the foundation of a sales person.

Good news is that Blair will be coming to Singapore on 19th ~ 20th June 2008. Bad news is that its a FULL HOUSE.

You can contact me at contact(at) for any future event by Blair Singer. This is a great sales training program, you cannot miss.

Cheers and go out there SELL!

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  1. I re-attended the Authentic Sales and Leadership by Blair Singer last week, a lot of things which I wrote above were not mention. I like to name some.

    Blair Singer shared with us that if an angry customer said something that shift your emotion to anger, your intelligent will be low. That is where you are unable to take control, and the customer take control of you.

    We as human beings have physical, mental and emotional states, and when one of them change the other two changes as well. If we are able to master our emotion, we as sales people especially need to take control of ourselves. So that we project confidence to the customers.

    Below are the process which successful sales people are doing:

    1. Find people with money
    2. Call/ present to customers
    3. Convert a no to a yes
    4. Close
    5. Testimonial

    I must say that by going through the event again, has help me to recap and drill in on my sales.

  2. Thanks for posting.

  3. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

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