Robert Kiyosaki Live In Singapore 2009 Review

It’s great to learn from Robert Kiyosaki again since 2004 he came to Singapore. This time round Robert brought alone his wife, Kim Kiyosaki and his advisers to Singapore on the 26th ~27th May in Singapore Expo Hall 2.

Robert still teach the same thing on being responsible for your own financial future. So it’s good to recap on what he taught back in 2004. He still focuses on teaching on how to build a business, investing on property and investing in stocks.

This time round, Robert added in a new topic that is to invest in gold and sliver (commodities). Gold and silver has been in a cycle that when there is a crisis, man will always go to metal (gold and sliver). The reason why is that in the ancient times, man used gold and sliver to purchase items.

It is only in the 20th century that man used notes to replace gold as a form of trade, because gold and sliver are too heavy to carry around. Now the paper notes (currency) are backed up/supported by gold. United States Dollar are actually not supported by gold, thus the reason of its drop in value as it can’t stand the setback of the financial crisis.

I have always been interested investing in property. Robert’s advise for those who do not have cash to invest is to find partners to join venture in property investment, as this will increase the bank’s trust in a group of people for borrowing money, instead of just one person. The ones Robert is investing are properties that have over 50 or 100 apartments in a building, because he said that managing a landed house or a 50 room building is the same.

You will need to engage a property manager for the property for both types anyway hence might as well invest in bigger ones instead. And best of all, most of the properties in the world are decreasing in value, it is time to start investing. The best place now is United States as they are been hit the most by the financial crisis, causing a lot of people to lose their job thus not able to pay for their home loans.

Lastly for business, Robert and Blair Singer (one of his advisers) always stress on selling, leadership, team and system. Without selling in a business, there will be no profit. Without leadership there will be no vision and mission in the business. Without a team you cannot achieve all things that are important in a business.

Without a system the business cannot operate correctly. Though business is the toughest of all the three financial tools, but it reaps the most reward for money as well as your learning curve. Want to be a success? Make as many mistakes as you can in the shortest possible time!

In all, I must say that I learned a lot from Robert and his team, and I am thankful for his teachings. Now is the best time to start investing, it is only up to your mindset to start the ball rolling. No one can help you to secure your financial freedom except yourself. Keep trying!

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  1. i am hopping that with very hard work on Affiliate marketing, maybe i would be able to achieve Financial Freedom in 2 years time.*-,

  2. Hi Xavier,

    You can do it, and you will need wisdom and street smart as well to help you in that too.

    Hope to hear from you again.

    Cyrus Yung

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