Jerome Tan

Jerome Tan’s Property Investment Program Review

“We have invested between 16-18 years attending school from primary to tertiary education. But does your school teach you how to be rich?” This question had me pondering from the start till the…

Wendy Kwek

Wendy Kwek’s Property Investment Seminar: Real or Scam Deal?

I have always been interested in property investing, so I decided to look around for different property investing previews for me to understand more and take action. managed to chance upon Wendy Kwek and found out she is currently organising property investment seminars under WK Events Pte Ltd.

I have heard about Wendy Kwek a few years ago, but I did not know that she was into property investing, hence I decided to give her a chance; go with an open heart to listen, learn and see what she has to offer.

Jerome Tan Picture

Entrepreneur Action Program: Succeed In Business Everytime

Jerome Tan has 20 years of field sales and entrepreneurial experience. He is highly enterprising and has the ability to churn out tons of valuable and practical business ideas. In particular, he is adept at helping businesses reduce their costs of operations and increase their revenue with very little or no investments. There are many things that I have learned from Jerome, so much so I decided to strike a deal with him for you.

Dr Alexander Elder

Invest Wisely In 2012 Review (Day 2, Advanced)

I have just recently attended a 2 day seminar which was held by Dr Alexander Elder, which is famous in the psychology field in trading. Basically he presented his ideas about trading from…

Invest Wisely In 2012 with Dr Alexander Elder Review (Day 1)

I attended “Invest Wisely In 2012” 2 weeks ago, it was organised by PhillipsCapital, the main speak was Dr Alexander Elder, MD , who is a professional trader, an expert in technical analysis,…

Advanced SEO Certification Review

I have attended the Advanced SEO Certification in Nov 2010, last month just re-attended it again. So this post has been delayed for more than a year now. Hahahaha.If you want to read another Advance SEO Review by Aidah, click on the link.

This year’s Advanced SEO seminar is very different from last year, maybe it’s because the more I re-learn it, the more I understand on SEO. So what is the main difference this year compare to last?

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