What I Have Learned from Blair Singer’s Event

I remember the first time I knew about Blair Singer is on 12th March 2007. His first performance in Taiwan. I thought He is just like the most of the Masters that Success Resources promote; famous, friendly, successful…….. but I was wrong, because when I went to his 2 days and 5 days seminars, I found out that he’s more than what I know about him.

The first time I went to his 2 days seminar in Thailand. The most important things I learned is about “TRUST “. And I spend almost 1 year to realize what is it .

Who is the person that you TRUST? How much do you Trust them? Do they Trust you as you do? Why you trust them? How do you know that you trust them? If you want to build a TEAM like a company…family….you must know what it is.

In the past, I always choose to trust person because I think they are all good persons. And I also thought they will treat me in the same way. But for some of my experiences I get hurt from the people who I believe and trust. Specially when something Very Shocking happened in your life. It doesn’t mean they want to hurt you or they don’t love you, it’s just because maybe they are playing the game with the different rules. And finally I know how important it is – Code of Honor. Play the game with the people who want to play and I realize why Blair always mention that in his courses. SET THE RULES with people who you really care.

Now, I’m more happier and communicate more with the people who is important to me.

If you have a bad relationship with someone who you really care and you want to fix it up,or you want to have an awesome TEAM to make your dreams come true , even though you want to find out how big you are deep inside yourself. No doubt! Go to Blair’s courses! And you will get what you want.

If you are interested in Blair Singer’s event, contact(at)SeminarEventReview.com for more info.

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