Wealth Academy Investor Review

Wealth Academy Investor is an intensive wealth training program, covered over the span of 4 full days. Be prepared to work your mind to it's fullest potential (and even into areas you didn't knew existed!). Systematically arranged course that teaches the participant about financial education.

Firstly changing the mindset, then conceptualizing a master plan. Learning how to create multiple stream of income, truly expanding the mind on every avenue of money making opportunities…. Get your first hand introduction into investment, learning about the power of compounding. Most importantly get into the insights of value investing (Warren Buffet style of Investment).

Learn how to read a company's health by dissecting its financial reports, and eventually calculate the intrinsic value of a company. Buying under valued company and hold them to their intrinsic worth. Participants were also introduced to technical trading, an useful tool for precise entry and exit for investment strategies.

Who is this course for:

1) For people who are clueless about money management and investment.

2) For people who have plenty of (spare) cash, and doesn't mind waiting for a period of time for the company to reach it's intrinsic value.

What has this course done for me: It has changed my mindset about money completely. Which in return changed my life dramatically.

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