Train The Trainer In Singapore 2008

“Train The Trainer” is a 5 day event by T Harv Eker, teaching you to be a better presenter, learn how to capture your audience, have your audience thank you for the content and context of your presentation, and to get your audience take action. “Train the Trainer” is where you must go.

There is a saying that 20% of the world’s presenter are making more money than the 80%. This came from the 20/80 rule. So if you want to be like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, or other world political leaders who are able to present themselves, and communicate to the audiences, this is your chance.

T.Harv Eker will be teaching you the trips and system in presenting. The small little things you do during presentation, makes a hell lot of differences between success and failure. Here are some of the examples:

1. Standing on stage, when someone is asking a question. If the participant is standing the left side of the stage, what the presenter should do is to walk to the right side of the stage and answer the question. Why is this so? Its because the normal presenter will address the question to the same side where the participant is asking the question. This way the presenter has ignore the right side of the participants.

2. Average presenter tend to prepare in ‘PowerPoint’ to show the participants, and reading it to the participants. The best and highest earning presenter tend to use a lot of flip charts rather than ‘PowerPoint’. The reason they are using ‘PowerPoint’ is that they want to show things that it can’t be done using flip chart. And Harv Eker will show you templates of how to present, all you need to do is put in the content.

3. How do you capture the audiences attention and keeping them alert. By asking them questions and giving them exercises will not just attentive and alert,  it will actually increase in their learning. This is called speed learning, one of the ways used in NLP.

There are a lot more that I will share after the event has ended on the 31st Aug 2008.But I like to comment that if you want to be a speaker that move people, this program is a must. Because there are too many people who wants to help the world but because they did not know how to get their attention, and thus making the participants bored.

The program will start in 27th Aug 2008, in Singapore Expo, Foyer 1, level 2. This is already a full house event, so if you are interested, on Apr 2009 we will be having the event again. Contact (contact(at) me if want to go for this event.

Act on it!

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