The Recession Is Not An Excuse To Give Up

Change the words we use and change our lives.
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The world economy is in a very bad state now with unemployment rate going up due to the crisis. A lot of people are giving up now. Life is tough, and it is going to hit you and everybody hard!

You got kicked out of job, you don’t have a good education to have a good job, or you are not willing to do what is presented (new job) to you currently. So what are you going to do presently? Continue on with what you are doing, or you are living under somebody’s thumb, or even worse you complain about why is it that you are in this situation. If you do not start making changes in your life, nothing is going to change. It is insanity to do the same thing, expecting different results.You do not give yourself an excuse to give up because of the recession. Your family or loved ones might depend on you.

I have prepared for you a movie clip, a scene from Rocky Balboa, where Rocky’s son, Robert was confronting Rocky about re-entering the boxing arena (for your info, Rocky is now 60 years old ++). Robert thinks that his life is because of Rocky, Robert thinks that his life is a shadow of Rocky’s, and Robert does not like it. Rocky tells his son life is …..

Ok so now you heard Rocky, so how do you change, how to get things started?

First by creating momentum, if you are siting there now reading this article, I suggest you get a newspaper, turn to employment section and start to scan for the suitable job. After choosing around 10 suitable ones, you should be calling them straight. Before you do that I suggest you do an incantation before calling them. What is an incantation? It is repeating of word or phrases that will simulate you act accordingly. For example: “I am confident, smart and full of drive, the type that others can depend on!” If you repeat this phrase over and over and over again for 15 minutes, you will have a state change.

Another things that you can amplify this incantation by doing some movement, like crunching your fist and say : “YES! I am confident, smart and full of DRIVE! The type others can depend on!” This will get you into state very instantly.

What is the harm in doing this? You feel silly for awhile but then – no one needs to see you doing this! Try it for 15 minutes. Say it loud and clear.

Say your incantation with feeling, and use your face, your body’s posture, and your breathing to help you enhance those feelings.

For those that are facing a different situation, this is my question:

“What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?”

Repeat the sentence over and over again if you have difficulties in getting the answer. Life will always be hard if you stop becoming better than yesterday, and it will beat you till you stay there. If you want to defeat life, then you will have to stand up after life has knocked you down. Then will you be stronger and bigger than life.

The above solution was learned from Anthony Robbins in Singapore back in 2004 when I attended “Unleash The Power Within” back then, Singapore. You can get to know more about Anthony’s ways in helping you improve your life. Anthony Robbins will be coming back to Singapore on the 4th ~ 7th Sep 2009 — do contact(at) if you are interested.

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