The Cone Of Learning: Which Level Are You Now?

Were you one of the students that did not do well in school? Have you ever wonder why even if you study very hard yet still not getting the best result? The answer is that school uses reading and lecture as the primary way to educate students, and that reading and lectures are the least effective in terms of learning.

The statics for reading is 10% of remembrance for reading and hearing words is 20% of remembrance for hearing. That will explain why most of the students in school does not do well. Everyone of us are different in nature, we can remember more by watching, or doing, or hearing, or teaching or playing. This is the part where you have to discover yourself which will help you the most in learning.

Robert Kiyosaki knows about this and use it into his CashFlow 101 Game. I have played this game more than 20 times now, yet I am still learning from the game. Here is the cone of learning that Robert used in his teachings:


As you can see that are two nature of learning; passive and active

Passive Learning: It has reading, hearing words, looking at pictures, watching a movie, looking at an exhibit, watching a demonstration, seeing it done on location. For this nature of learning, the student need not take action, and thus will not be getting the most out of learning the subject.

Active Learning: It has participating in a discussion, giving a talk, doing a dramatic presentation, simulating the real experience, doing the real thing. For this nature, the student is require to take massive action, and thus resulting learning the most from the subject.

Robert Kiyosaki understood this teaching and use it into his seminars and his CashFlow 101 board game. He understand that in order to for the student to learn the most, the student has to take action on his part willingly, in this way will the student learn the most out of Robert’s teachings.

I have been to Robert Kiyosaki’s seminar back in 2004, and he used a lot of action teaching to help me to understand and remember what he taught. So every time he has finished his subject, he will always instruct his audience to share or discuss with the person next to the student. This way, the students will remember even more. Robert will use games, discussion and simulation to help the students to learn.

So next time, when you are attending a seminar, if the speaker is only giving lecture, he or she is not a good speaker. A good speaker or teacher is able to help students to use their visual, audio and movement to maximized their learning.

Robert Kiyosaki will be coming to Asia this month (Singapore and Malaysia), if you are interested in learning from the master, this is the time now. Below are the details:

Malaysia (K.L)

Date: 22nd ~ 23rd May 09
Time: 9am ~ 9pm
Venue: The Mines International Exhibition Convention Center (MIECC)

General: RM2,998
VIP Ticket: RM6,388


Date: 26th ~ 27th May 09
Time: 9am ~ 9pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 2

General Ticket: $1297.00
VIP Ticket: $2997.00

Contact(at) to sign up or use form to contact us.

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