SharesXpert Review: Trading System Made Easy For You

SharesXpert Stock Trading System is the latest product by Fabian Lim and Hendry Setiadi. It is an online trading system which was formulated by a German gentleman who we were not inform of (to protect the proprietorship of SharesXpert). This trading system is now integrated into ChartNexus charting software.

What is the selling point of SharesXpert System?

SharesXpert System is a trend trading system where it will show a green arrow to indicate to entry a trade of a particular stock, and a red arrow to indicate exit for that trade. Do you know that most trading system, be it software or manual, teaches you when you enter a trade. BUT not all tells you a specific date to exit the trade.

Do you know what this is? It’s a dream come true to traders all over the world, who spend hours studying, reading and watching any thing that are related and concerning to stocks trading. This has come down to only spending the most half an hour or 30 minutes a day to determine which is a good stock to enter trade, and which stock to exit trade.

Comparing with day trading, SharesXpert system is a end of day trading, meaning you only trade the very next trading day when the rules/ conditions are right to enter. The rules will only be share when you are a customer of the system.

How many ways can we make profit from this SharesXpert trading system?

Basically 2 ways, either you enter a long trade or short trade.

For long trade, the green arrow will indicate to enter trade and red arrow to indicate exit trade. For short trade, the red arrow will indicate to enter trade and green arrow to indicate exit trade. See pictures below to see example.

SharesXpert Long Trade

Long Trade

SharesXpert Short Trade

Short Trade

The good news is that coming 1st July 2011, the SharesXpert system will be available internationally. Prices is not firm yet. You can always visit ShareXpert website on or after 1st July 2011. Will update you again when it’s firm.

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  1. If you have attended any of his talks or previews you will hear him claim that he managed to “wrestle” the secret of the formula in his so called Super Stock Trading System (actual name not mentioned here) from a very successful German trader. He courted this German guy for 2 years before the guy was willing to reveal his “secret” to him. If you look at his system, it is all Baloney and full of hot air. Ask him how many profitable trades he has executed so far using this system. Ask him to show proof. The proof is in the pudding as they say. He will always cook up some excuse or story when he can’t justify it. He is after all a marketing guy and you know most of them can’t be trusted. His Green Arrows (Buy Signal) keep shifting, so you will never know when you should make a correct entry. Many of my friends have tried his system and they say the same thing …. it doesn’t work. Worse even they ask you to sell your stock on the Red Arrow and next thing you know the stock goes up. This has happened many times. Go check it out for yourself then you will know the truth. Anybody that hypes so much and cannot show real proof can’t be taken seriously. So beware. Forewarned is forearmed.

  2. Well you are correct that he is a marketing guy. Most of the results are from the students not his. Sometimes I find the world is full of people with opinions that’s limited to their own world. Maybe they have been cheated before, or they attended some seminar that did not work for him/ her, but work for others, and they blame the speaker or the system! Some who did not even test the system claimed it did not work, funny when someone says that, when they did not even TRY….

    BUT, one thing is for sure….. that someone has make money using the system, and does not mean it did not work. Because I saw it with my eyes students making money in front of me.

    For your friends, I am not sure what happen, and do not want to assume anything, I hope they find their way to financial freedom.

  3. How many students have attended seminar and how many are really MAKING MONEY? I only see few testimonials. Sure or not can work?

  4. Hi Wong,

    Happy new year to you.

    To tell you the truth, not all are making money. Why? Because they have reasons not to make this system right for them. I want to ask you a question, can you grantee that you will follow the system if you attend the event, without changing any rules that was taught in the class?

    The question that you asked is closely dependent to the student not the teacher or master. Most of the seminars or even the education system in the world is like a treasure map without the guide, you are given the map and to walk on your own. But this map has led some people to success, most not.

    The seminar may be suitable for you and maybe not. We do not know, but one thing I know is that at least you tried or tested it. Hope it helps.

  5. You say, “I saw it with my eyes students making money in front of me”. My Remiser can also say, “I saw my clients make money right in front of me”. What does that proof? Anyone can make claims. But what about you? If the Guru himself can show proof without “making use” of his students then people will trust and believe. If you need to make use of others to show that the system works, then you are just using them as guinea pigs. Out of so many students, based on statistics, sure some will make money and you can use as testimonial. Clemen Chiang (ex ‘Dr’ hahaha) also make such ridiculous claims. So did Kishore M. Both are S’porean and are being investigated by the authorities. So, where are they now?

  6. Anis seems to know what he is talking about. Very practical. I agree with him. πŸ™‚

  7. Anis seems to know what he is talking about. Very practical advice. I fully agree with him. If the Guru himself cannot show he is confident of his own system and trade with it and show audited proof of his own winnings and losses then who would want to believe him. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi,

    This is Fabian Lim, co-founder of

    I’m responding to the following statement made by one of the “reviewers” here:

    “Ask him how many profitable trades he has executed so far using this system. Ask him to show proof. The proof is in the pudding as they say. He will always cook up some excuse or story when he can’t justify it… ”

    Well, here is the proof:

    IB Trading Account Snapshot (Generated by IB)

    Current Portfolio (20 Feb 2012) Showing % Profit/Loss For Individual Stocks


    Fabian Lim

  9. It seems like most of the comments here are based on what they heard and see. Besides Fabian.

    I have some questions for them;

    1) Have you use ShareXperts system before?

    2) If yes to 1), did you faithful execute the trade as taught in SharesXpert class?

    3) If yes to 2), did you record the trade in journal for a year?

    4) If yes to 3), did you record why you trade those trades for a year?

    If the above answers are no, then what your comment is based on what you think you know without verifying the system.

    For future comments on this post, if there is no proof that the system is useless, and without verification (based on above 4 questions). It will not be approved.

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