Selling Requires Energy

Blair Singer - Ultimate Sales Coach and Trainer!Its been fun returning to Blair Singer’s 2 days “Authentic Sales And Leadership Program”. Actually its like my third time attending the program, and it has always give me new insights and old ones as well. What I want to do is to share on what I have learn from the first day itself.

Everybody in this world is a sales person, even if you are not a sales person in profession, in a way you are selling your ideas, your thoughts, your decisions, etc…. A very interesting questions popped up during the event by Blair: “How many of you are married out there (about half the room raised their hands)?”

Then Blair asked another question: “This is for the married men out there, how many of you remembered that you have to sell yourself first then you are sold to your other half?” The audience laughed.

It is true that we humans living in this world has to sell to someone out there, and in order to sell whatever you are selling, requires energy.

Yes, selling requires energy! It is those that has the highest energy are able to sell to those that have the lowest energy. That will mean that you as a sales person, must have a higher energy than the one selling to.

So how do we get this energy during selling?

By having a conviction in the product or service you are selling that helps them in whatever they want or solve their problem(s). Yes conviction. A strong believe that if you use it, you will be able to be free from your problems. Of course this conviction can also come from you trying or testing the product or service, you believe it because you have tried it and given you results.

Take me for instance, previously I was a seminar junkie (that was back in 2004 and 2005), I believed that by attending seminar and learning from the successful people, I will be able to be as successful as them. That is why I became a staff with Success Resources a few years ago, because I believed or I have the conviction that by learning from successful people, you can be successful as well.

This is also called modeling (a NLP word). Meaning model or learn from. Let’s take for example that you want to be a great presenter like current U.S President Barack Obama. Watch a video presentation of him presenting, and model exactly what he does on the video, his tone, his gesture, his look, his focus, everything! You will realize that you can talk just like Barack Obama too.

The last thing that I want to share is that you must have the passion to teach your staffs to sell, if you do not have the passion to teach, then you will be expected to be at your current position for a very long time or being sacked. Because if you can’t duplicate yourself, how can you get better result?

So by teaching your staffs to sell, meaning everyone in the company must sell, even if its the telephone operator, or the store man, everybody must sell.

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Or if you want to attend Blair Singer’s program, wanting to learn how to sell, you can contact us. Fill in your name, mobile, email, and state that you like to attend Blair’s event the soonest, and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Talk to you soon!

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