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Robert Kiyosaki - Live in Singapore 2009

A lot of people often miss out a very important aspect in business: which is marketing. In a business, there will be products or services that have to promote to the market. In a situation where you have just started a new business, the common and normal way to advertise your products or services is through newspaper advertising and media advertising, which is very costly. In the US where there is currently the Super Bowl fever going on, a 30-second ad cost US$ 3 million. The question comes: Is it worth it?

Robert Kiyosaki said that in order to make your business successful is to use horizontal marketing to increase your success rate. Horizontal marketing means to leverage on other established companies that are related to your products or services.

What do I mean? As an established company, they will usually have a database of their clients. What you need to do is to pay the established company commission for the sale of the product or services. In this way, you are earning profit with the least advertising cost, gaining clients who are ready to buy from you, and getting your business branded as the established company.

In this scenario, you might want to pay more commission to the established company to promote to their clients, another way is to pay commission for client’s recurring purchases, which is an excellent way to secure the deal.

Horizontal marketing is to use all means to make your business known to consumers, it can be through internet marketing, joint venture (as I shared), get resellers for the product or services to promote, tissue marketing, banner advertising, word of mouth,etc… The sky is the limit. When you have tried all types of marketing, then you will realize there is only one type of marketing that will bring you the profit, you will only know after you have done all the trials.

The above sharing came from Robert Kiyosaki’s seminar where he taught me how to do business in a tough world. Business also gives the highest return on investment, compared to other forms of investment; it is also the most fulfilling too.

Robert Kiyosaki will be coming to Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Australia on May 2009) for a 2 day seminar with his team of advisors, from sales, franchises, property investment, stocks and shares , and lastly gold and silver (commodities). There are so many different investment tools to choose from in the two days program.

Right now, a lot of people will be interested in what successful investors like Robert Kiyosaki is now investing especially. During the 2 days seminar, Robert and his team will be sharing what, how and why they are using the investment tools they are currently using.

This is a seminar not to be missed, as Robert has not come to Asia since 2004 and who knows when he and his team will be coming back to Asia. If you are interested in the 2 days program, contact(at) for enquiries or you may want to click here to invest in the program now.

Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad: Live In Singapore 2009

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  1. Hi, Just a suggestion for Robert and his team. Please drop the cost of the conferences to under $3,000.00 as the Middle Class cannot afford this and we would love to attend. I got my start by reading RichDad and now own many investment properties but I still cannot afford the $3,000 per person for his conferences….Please consider as me and my husband would love to attend.

    Laura Roper

  2. Greeting.
    Dear Robert.
    This is Kitkat. I am based in the Philippines, Manila.
    I Love your Rich dad poor dad book. and I red 8 of your
    other books also. I love your Idea and thought about
    accumulating wealth. So I am always interested in the
    upcoming events of yours.

    Do you have any plan to have a seminar in the Philippines
    some day? hope to see you soon.
    Thanks and god bless us all! ^_______^”

  3. Hi Kitkat,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You can check with on their recent event.

    Cyrus Yung

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