Robert G Allen in National Achievers Congress 2010 Singapore

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Robert G Allen is one of the first few speakers who I learned from when I first started in attending seminars, that was in National Achievers Congress 2004. It has been 6 years now since I last hear him speak again, and boy was I excited to hear him again in National Achievers Congress 2010 in Singapore.

A short intro about Robert Allen, he is one of the top financial gurus who has turned thousands of people into millionaires. Robert is a popular talk-show guest and has appeared on dozens of programs. Robert has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Barron’s, Money Magazine, and Reader’s Digest.

Robert Allen has written books like ‘Nothing Down‘, ‘Creating Wealth‘, ‘Multiple Streams of Income‘, ‘One Minute Millionaire‘, ‘Multiple Streams of Internet Income‘, ‘Cracking The Millionaire Code‘, and ‘Cash in a Flash‘.

I did learned something new from Robert Allen today, since my last encounter with him in 2004. He shared with us that in order to be successful there are three things you need to learn. ‘Know How’, ‘Be How’, ‘Who How’.

Know How – This is the part where most of the people wants to learn, the technical stuff, the methods, the strategies, etc… I do agree with him that I also want to learn a lot from other gurus who are successful in their fields too. So most of the people will attend seminars, buy books or audio CDs of the experts. But this will account 10% of your success journey.

Who How – This is talking about the peers you hang out with. Do they make you a better man or woman, or do they want you to stay where they want you to be? Your peers will determine what future you will have. In order to be successful, you got to find peers that you can account for, ones that will kick your butt if you do not do what you set your goals on. This will account 25% of your success.

Be How – This is regarding your inner self. Do you see, smell, taste, feel, and hear what you will become in the near future. To become successful, you have to act, walk, talk like a successful person. This is where you will need mentors to guide you to your success. You model after your mentors, learn from them, talk like them, walk like them and act like them. If you have different multiple streams of income, you learn from different mentors. This is conditioning your inner self to the become the man or woman you want to be. This ‘Be How’ accounts 65% of your success.

I am very grateful to Robert Allen for making me realised that I need to focus a lot of my ‘Be How’, which I seriously lack and is the area that I need to build and learn most on. So for this year my goal is to ‘Be How’ (learn and build my inner self) to the man I want to be. Thank you Robert!!!!!!!

By the way, Robert will be conducting his 3 days program in Singapore this coming May 2010, his goal is to create 101 millionaires in Singapore before 1st January 2011. I heard that the course is less than SGD $2,000, if you are interested to learn from Robert (I heard from him that it will be his last time in Singapore), as he is now 61 years old, and would like to focus more his spiritual side. You can fill in the contact form here for more information.

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