Never Work Again Forex Trading: Seeni JG

I attended Seeni JG’s “Never Work Again Forex Trading” preview. It was around two and a half hours, where Seeni shared his experience on Forex Trading, how it has helped him in terms of financial independence and more importantly knowledge. It was content-rich in areas of finance and Forex Trading. I was glad to be there learning from Seeni.

A lot of people has misunderstood the term “inflation”. Seeni actually shared that a lady was talking to him about the current financial crisis situation, about prices of things going up, then Senni told her its because of the inflation, she misinterpreted and replied to him “Are you saying I am getting fat?”  That was what the world is interpreting the word inflation.

To keep it simple, let’s say you earn $3,000 per month, and save $10,000 a year. Below is the table base on 5% interest rate yearly:

Year Amount Saved 5% Inflation
First S10,000 $9,500
Second $20,000 $18,525
Third $30,000 $27,098.75
Forth $40,000 $35,243.81
Fifth $50,000 $42981.62
Sixth $60,000 $50,332.54
Seventh $70,000 $57,315.91
Eighth $80,000 $63,950.12
Ninth $90,000 $70,252.61
Tenth $100,000 $76,239.98

As you can see that by the tenth year, you would be saving a hundred thousand, but that does not mean you are able to buy the same amount of things ten years back, because the prices of things has increased.

Seeni shared that Singapore has the best time to be in Forex Trading, because in Singapore we can play in all markets, whereas for the other countries, when they are open, the other markets are closed. The Americans will not be able to play pacific markets, because they have to wake up at around 2am to see the opening.

The Forex Trading market is transacting 3.2 trillion USD a day, which is like 3 times the size of all other popular markets combined. Why choose Forex Trading as a income generating tool:

  • Its mobility
  • Trade any time, markets open everyday
  • Commission is much much less than other investment tools
  • There is no expiry date
  • Low startup costs
  • High leverage margin (Note: It can work for you as well as against you.)
  • Limited Risk: What you invested is what you can lose.

Well with all the above advantages, a lot of people will be learning Forex Trading, but if they can’t control their emotion, they will most properly not be successful in Forex Trading. Here is the three emotions to overcome:

  • Fear
  • Greed
  • Hope

If you are able to overcome the above three emotions, there is one last thing you must have. That is you must be able to tolerate loss. If you are not able to tolerate loss, Forex trading is not for you.

Seeni has setup a system of Forex Trading that is quite consistent and conservative, that is to make 1% profit daily. This is compounding interest, and will see very high results after 6 months. He will have a 6 months program spread out into 6 sessions, where students can be conditioned successfully for Forex Trading.

There are a lot more bonuses Seeni has offered. If you want to know more about what the program is offering, contact(at), or you can go to his intro session in the future to experience yourself.

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  1. I am still a little bit confused how to earn much money on Forex Trading, i know several people who earn thousands of bucks from forex trading.“:

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