My Experience Walking On Fire

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What are these people doing? Like a batch of crazies walking barefoot towards the hot coal, and I was with them too at Anthony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within” in Singapore 2004. I was one of the crazies.

It was the first day of the event and I knew that I was going to do the fire walk, but I though it was going to be on the 2nd day, or 3rd day or even 4th day. Never in my mind did it cross my mind that the fire walking was going to be on the FIRST night!

My mind was thinking ‘Can I be trained in less than 24 hours to walk on fire?‘ You have to forgive me because at that time I was not a frequent seminar attendee hence I did not think it was possible for Tony to make me or the people in the seminar walk on fire on the first night.

Boy, was I wrong.

I did walk on fire – it was created from wood that had been burning since the afternoon of the 1st day. So when we were conditioned by Tony and tips to walk on fire at night, we were ready to do the impossible.

Below is a video on the wood burning process done in the day, this was taken at Unleash The Power Within 2000 Hawaii. It was a smaller “Unleash The Power Within (UPW)” then, but the one I attended in Singapore 2004 had over 3500 participants, and the piles of burning wood were so much bigger than the one you see below.

Are you scared now? That was my feeling when I saw the fire burning.

After we were brought out to see the fire being prepared, we were asked to return to our seats. That was when Tony gave us tips on the fire walk. First, we were to focus looking ahead of us when walking on the path of the hot coal. Second, we were told to do incantation before we started walking. We had to chant out “Cool Moss!” when walking the hot coal. Lastly we were asked to encourage others while we were not doing the firewalking.

The reason for the first two tips was to create an energy on our feet to protect us from the heat, preventing us from being burned. Plus the law of attraction states that whatever you focus on will come true – if you focus on the hot coal, you will be burnt.

The last tip was to give back – this was done by giving other fire walkers encouragement. This is another law of the universe: You will receive what you give.

Tony also shared with us that there were people who got burnt during the fire walk. Even he himself was burnt at one time. Although he was doing all the things he shared with us – a small hot coal was caught in between the toes after walking through the fire. He was burnt then.

It was important not to lose focus or energy, before water was sprayed on your feet.

Walking on hot coal is not a joke, if you do not know what you are doing or do not have experience doing it before – please do not attempt it at home or any place. Why Tony wanted us to walk on fire was that he wanted to instill that we will always have problems, no matter what. The question is how you face the problem and solve it.

The firewalk is a lesson that you cannot forget. The fire is the problem, and the other end of the path is the solution or goals you intended. The fire walk is to remind us that however big and difficulties our problems are, as long as we focus on the goal (result), the problem will never be a hindrance to you.

Once you go through the anxiety, fear then acceptance and then finally deciding to do the firewalk – you will realize that you have to power to overcome any obstacles that lay ahead.

One lady was crying, “I’m just a chicken. A coward. I can’t do it. I can’t.”

One of Tony’s trainers worked with her for about fifteen minutes until she was finally able to turn FEAR into POWER. She did it.

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