Motion Creates Emotion From Boiler Room

Motion creates emotion is a very fast way that can change your emotion in an instance is to have motion. Why is that? How can that be? That was on my mind when I first heard of this phrase.

But come to think of it, when I was moving around a lot, there is a lot of emotion in me, especially when I was playing basketball. There was excitement, thrill and focus in the game that it was caused primarily by the movements that I was doing.

Have you ever seen someone who is sad? What are their postures like? That’s right, head looking down, shallow breathing, body slouching, talk slowly, sleepy eyes etc… Why do you know this? It’s because you have been sad before, so your first though will be postures that you were did when you are sad.

Ben Affleck's superb salesmanship at work

Ben Affleck's superb salesmanship at work

How about those who are passionate? What were their postures? They talk fast, move a lot, look into the other person’s eyes, tone changing high and low, etc… Do you agree that passionate people do have these qualities?

This shows you that changing your emotion is to create motion. If you want to change your state that is not positive, the solution is to move around, a lot of motions, like jumping and clapping.

So if you are a sales person who has not been getting sales in, it’s because you are not moving around. You do not believe me; watch this clip from ‘Boiler Room’. (Warning: Adult Language).

Another way is to have an anchor. It is a movement that your body remembers it is the victory moment, like giving a high five for scoring in ball games, like crunching your right hand and say yes when you got that sale, or the dance you did when you won the lottery. It can be anything that helps you to remember the moment of victory or feeling great.

Everyone’s anchor for victory is different; you will have to find out yourself.

I must confess I learn it from Anthony Robbins who is the world’s most popular success coach. Anthony Robbins will be coming to Singapore on 4th ~ 7th Sept 2009.  And I will be writing some of the articles about what I learn from attending Unleash The Power Within Singapore back in 2004.

If you are interested in Tony’s event, click Anthony Robbins Singapore to find out more. Or you can share under the comment what you have learn from Tony as well.

I am not asking you to be unethical in your approach in selling, but there is something we can learn here. If you want to be excited when you are selling to someone, you better be standing up and move like what Ben Affleck did in the movie. Didn’t you see how he move, how he talk and how confident he was talking to the junior brokers?

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