Millionaire Mind Intensive 2009 Malaysia

This is my third time crewing for the Millionaire Mind Intensive,  it was held in Malaysia Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan from 12th ~ 14th June 2009. My intention to be there was to help people change life and catch up with old friends. And I have achieved the two goals. Back to the story during the event:KieronSweeney

As the seminar name tells you, it’s about having a millionaire mindset. But how can we have a millionaire mindset when we have not even broken the 100 thousands mark, the answer is to look at the roots of your mindset. Kieron Sweeney who is a recent rise up trainer of Peak Potential, was speaking most of the time during the MMI two weeks ago. Kieron shared with us about the example of the tree, where it grew from a seed, into a young plant, into adult tree and finally fruits coming out. But the main thing is that without the roots of the tree, the tree can do nothing, produce nothing. And the roots are where we do not see, it has to be deep rooted so that the tree can withstand the storm, and to gather water for the tree. We are just like that, we have to work on things we cannot see (mindset), so that we can have fruits (things we can see).

In the Millionaire Mind Intensive, there are also games and exercises that help us to understand our condition or mindset towards money. We may have some bad experience or learn from our parents who taught us that money is evil. These are the causes that produce the outcome of what we have in mind towards money.

For example, there is a game where you find yourself happily looking for money or you are just sitting there watching. All these are your attitude towards money, if you do not respect money, do not expect money to respect you. It is not that money is evil, its the person who uses the money does he or she has evil thought.

Well Harv Eker did came to the seminar for a couple of hours during the event, which he delivered great teaching for us; “How you do anything is how you do everything“. This is also true for relationship, “How you treat anybody, is how you treat everybody“. Although this is my third time learning from Harv, it still helps me to remember and to further condition me to do my best for everything, and to treat everyone with the best attitude.

There are a lot more teachings on the mindset towards money I have not covered. I will highly recommend that you attend this event even if you are already a millionaire or broke, this event is for everyone, and a chance to know more about yourself.

The details of the event is as such:

Program: Millionaire Mind Intensive
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 2
Date: 13th ~ 15th Nov 2009
Time: 9am ~ 9pm (Estimated only)
Investment: SGD $160.50 (7 % GST included)

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