Local Marketing Coaching Review

Local Marketing Coaching is the latest training done by Fabian Lim, Simon Leung and Andy Huang. This is a 3 days event focusing on local business marketing as a SEM consultant or SEM agency. This is for those Internet marketers who wants to help or service the local business owners as a SEM consultant. This 3 day event will be release in August 2011 in the form of DVDs and notes.Local Marketing Coaching Folder

What is my review on “Local Marketing Coaching”?

I have been learning from Fabian since 2007, and I can clearly said that this product will be a great help to Internet marketers who want to service the local businesses. I have been getting good results in terms of money from local business consulting. This thing really works!

This course is very different from the other local business ebooks or coaching. Reasons been that most ebooks are already outdated and Fabian already purchased them to find out what they are teaching. Meaning that the “Local Marketing Coaching” will have the most relevant content currently and the future advance marketing strategies for local businesses that will be the buzzing around the world.

As for the Internet marketers who want to service local businesses, you will be learning the true science and art of SEO, and with PPC marketing to compliment SEO, it seems like the local business online marketing will be secure. Google realised that 20% of the search is related to a location, thus local business can submit their business via Google Places. You may think that you have capture the search market. BUT….

Social Media Marketing For Local Businesses

In the recent years since the growing authority of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the 3 major search engine giants cannot ignore these social media sites that are gaining a lot of popularity. But what can social media do for local businesses?

There is one key to social media marketing, having conversation with your customers. Isn’t what these social media sites do? They create conversations without meeting face to face physically. This is a great way to get in touch with your old friends. This is what local business should do as well. From the conversation, it will be shared on the to the customer’s friends as well, thus making your local business more expose and known through friendship.

There is also mobile marketing for the local business which I think you should learn from this great course on your own.

Local Marketing Coaching will be available in the month of Aug 2011, do get ready to get it if you want to seriously become a SEM consultant for local business.

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