Jo Han Mok Review: Traffic Serializer Seminar

Jo Han Mok“Traffic Serializer” sounded like a silly seminar to attend when I first heard it. Then I found out the speaker of this seminar is none other than Jo Han Mok (Jo Han Mok’s Blog here). If you are new to this industry, Jo Han is THE Guy to go to for internet marketing.

Needless to say, I signed up for the 2-day seminar without hesitation.

In the seminar, Jo Han talked about how traffic can be either paid or free. He went on to explain the different forms of paid and free traffic (I will not give away too much on the different types of traffic).

Next, he educated the class basic SEO techniques and the importance of keywords. An interesting technique he used was via the participants’ businesses as examples/case studies.

He gave them ideas on how they could generate more traffic; create more products based on their existing ones, thus making more money online.

It was certainly an eye-opener or even a revelation (I say!) for all of us.

After which, we went through a content creation crash course and it was amazing that all the participants were able to come up with 300 word articles in 10 minutes. I take my hat off to Jo Han for indirectly letting us know that every one of us have the ability to create content in 10 minutes.

The articles we wrote were not fantastic however it was decent enough for the internet.

Jo Han went on to reveal the different types of paid advertisements which we can advertise our products on. He taught us some of his closely guarded secrets on finding the find right products and the targeted traffic to bring in the money.

The methods he revealed totally blew our minds off. He is truly a genius in his own league.

Before the end of the workshop, he invited us to participate in his upcoming project happening from December to February next year. And of course, I signed up for it!

Jo Han Mok’s traffic serializer seminar is totally worth the investment as he tends to under promise but over deliver.  He is the real deal and I salute his brilliance!

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  1. I have attended the seminar too. I have attended many other seminars and courses before on internet marketing and SEO. I found traffic serializer seminar a mind blowing one.

    In fact I found many new things in this seminar. Immediately after that I have written an article on free and paid traffic and posted it on EzineArticles.

    This seminar exposed me a lot to a variety of ways in traffic generation and internet marketing. It’s not the stereotype ways of doing things.

  2. Hi Norzam,

    Thanks for your comment. I am looking forward to attending Traffic Serializer when Jo Han is conducting it again in Singapore. Now that I just attended Jo Han’s Freedom System X, I have more ideas on making money online.

    Cyrus Yung

  3. Hi Cyrus

    I have attended Jo Han Mok’s class too. He gave a lot of tips and he’s very generous to share his knowledge. JoHan Mok rocks!I love his class.

  4. Hi all,
    I need your help. I attended one of his seminar and he gave us access to autoresponder at but suddenly the site is gone.
    I need my data in that autoresponder. Anybody know how to get in touch with Johan Mok’s company in Singapore?

    Please help, i just need a contact detail to get in touch with his company. thanks.

  5. Hi Teddy,

    I am sorry, as I do not have details in where Johan’s company is, and how to contact them.

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