I was Pissed at Myself

Getting pissed at someone or something is one thing, but to be pissed by yourself is another. This was what happened to me years ago…..

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Years ago, back when I was in the Naval Diving Unit (NDU), I was a sign on then, meaning a contract solider fighting to defend for my country. 3 reasons why I signed on as a Naval Diver:

1) I dreamed of becoming a commando in the SAF, as I had a uncle who was one when I was way younger. He looked tough and heard of his stories in the jungle trainings. I was impressed. So I dreamed of becoming one, but I was not chosen, but instead another elite force took me in, it was the Naval Divers.

2) The money was good. The money is still good compare to a lot of people working out there for commercial companies. There was a saying from one of my instructors; “Signing on will not make you rich, but it will pay you well”. I agree till now.

3) I had nothing to do after I leave as NSF. I had no idea what I should do after my period with the unit after I serve my NS. So I took up as a full time solider, serving the country, getting fit, doing what I like.

It was only after about 3 years later that I got into a medical checkup and found out that I am not suitable to dive, and was officially “excuse from diving permanently”. Do you know what it means? That I can no longer dive in the SAF anymore, this killed my Naval Diver job.

This pissed me off totally!!!!!  B(

Why did this stupid thing happened? Why didn’t the medical checkup when I took before I enter the force tell me that I was not suitable to dive? Why did this happen after I went though all this hardship of being whacked, doing stupid punishment and putting pain to myself? Why??????

Then I had a though, I should have just get the easy way out by giving excuses or get some medical doctor to review me unfit for the fitness the training will go through. I was pissed at myself. I should taken the easy way out back then.

It was only in 2005 that I realised that it was all destiny. And that I will determine my destiny.

Then I began to invest in myself, I do not trust in the iron rice bowl theory when you are in the military (working for the government also).  I went to attend seminars, like Tony Robbins, T.Harv Eker, and many others. They are great teachers who teach one same thing always, it’s your mindset.

Yes mindset. They will always start with the mindset first. Its because without setting your mind (decide) to do something that can change your life, even God can’t help you. Do you agree? You have to decide to change then your destiny will change.

I have attended seminars that talk a lot on mindset, the Millionaire Mind Intensive which is a seminar by T.Har Eker. The name of the program already tells you what it’s teaching, to have a millionaire mindset. Thought you may not want to be a millionaire, but this program is to be a winner, and most of the millionaires are winners. So all the more you should learn from a winner like T.Harv Eker.

Harv has been in Singapore, Malaysia, U.K and the latest Australia. I change and I believe you can too. Give the event a try, as its very affordable to attend too. Choose the countries you want to attend in:

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