I Was Focused Towards Success

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

I have something to confess to you, when I first start attending seminars years ago, I did not take action on the things I learned from the speakers. Were you like that before? Oh man!!! We are the same!!! Thank God I was not like that all along!

But things slowly changed as I continued to attend seminars (which cost a lot but now I look back was actually my best investments), my thoughts began to take action in reality.

I got a property, rented it out and am now making positive passive income from property rental. This property belongs to my family with my name on it, but it did not start off easy.

My grandfather has left us a fortune and was shared between my father, two uncles and me (eldest grandson in the family). After I began attending seminars (motivation, investment, property investment, etc..), I finally learned how to invest in property in theory B).

But it was only about 2 years later that my dad decided to go into property investment by renting out properties, after hearing my constant voice of property investment for almost 2 years.

He finally gave up and we ended up having a property with a very nice and affordable price to invest in.

Now generating positive passive income monthly has always been in my mind since I started attending seminars. Along the way I also learnt about various property investment issues. (Thank God, it was not very hard).

But the thing I want to share is that I was focusing my actions in creating a passive income from property investment. Although I want to purchase another property, but the property market now is not stable for us to enter.

What I am trying to say is that, if you are not focused in the first place and are not taking any action  — you can always dream about your goal but will never come to you. Only through focus and action are that you are able to achieve the goals you want. And this I learned from Tony Robbins, and I am grateful that I learn from Tony in focusing in what I want.

If you are interested to know more about Tony, read Tony Robbins UPW In Singapore for more information.

There are a million ways to achieve success – but without being focused and taking actions, you will not be able to achieve anything.

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