How Steve Jobs Earn Billions Using Itunes

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Itunes is one of the tools that Steve Jobs used to help Apple earn billions in sales. How did this happen and why is it that Steve Jobs was able to make Apple, an almost bankrupt company into a cutting edge technology company?

If you have read about Steve Job’s life, he started as the founder of Apple, then he made a mistake of hiring John Sculley as Apple’s CEO, where after a few years later – Steve was kicked out of Apple. That was the beginning of Apple’s downfall. It was only in 1996, that Apple decided to get Steve Jobs back due to John Sculley’s consistent failure to promote Apple’s products correctly. The company itself had been continuing to invent and create great products that can help people’s lives in terms of new technology.

After Steve Jobs’ return, he had success in promoting the new Apple computer, which had a trendy feeling to it. Available in different colors, it attracted people who wanted to be different from the normal beige looking computer. But it was not until that an even greater trend that took the whole world by surprise: the beginning of Napster.

Napster was a music file sharing program created by Shawn Fanning (18 years old then), where as long as you have computer and internet access, you are able to share music with people all over the world. When the music lovers heard of this FREE music downloads on the internet, they quickly rushed to the Napster site to download and share their music to the world. The traffic increased through word of mouth or via email, of the free service. Then the music industry started to file a lawsuit against Napster, in hope to stop this online piracy.

Steve Jobs saw an opportunity in this huge market, as during that time a lot of the portable MP3 players were available on the market but they were not very user friendly. Apple had to grab this piece of the pie to be successful, so Steven Jobs thought of a music storing software that is much more user friendly and able to meet the needs of the huge music market. Itunes was then introduced to the world. It was only available to the Apple computer users only, and the Apple computer users absolutely loved this free easy to use music download software.

In less a year after the launch of Itunes, Apple introduced Ipod to the world. Ipod is a portable music player with hard disk of 5 ~ 10 GB of space, meaning that it was well over the storage limit of other portable MP3 players. It was trendy looking like the design of Apple computers, making the Ipod desirable to music lovers, but it was only available to the Apple computer users only.

It was only in the third generation of Ipod that Itunes was made available to the public. Itunes is now compatible to the other computer users and they rushed to purchase the third generation of Ipod, making billions of dollars for Apple.

You see that since the invention of Internet, the world has become smaller and faster than before. If you have been neglecting promoting on the Internet, you are missing a huge piece of the pie. It is still not too late to learn on how the internet works, and make money online.

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