Forgiveness is the Best Revenge

As Christmas is coming soon, I like talk about forgiveness, so you can use it before Christmas to forgive or ask for forgiveness. The title for this post is “Forgiveness is the best revenge”.

A few years ago, while I was working in Success Resources. It was two days before Christmas, Patrick Liew (director of Success Resources) shared to us on regarding forgiveness. Be it that someone offended you or you did something to the other person, during Christmas time its a great time to seek for forgiveness or to forgive. As its a time to give presents to your loved ones, and I think its time to give yourself the best present to yourself, by forgiving.

present of forgiveness

It was quite hard for me back then, for forgiving someone or to ask for forgiveness. As I am very proud and that I was in the wrong, and I do not want to be in the wrong back then. So this was in my mind over and over again for like 12 hours, thinking, wondering, lack of breathing….

And I took the courage to call someone I hurt a few years ago. And ask for forgiveness, yes she was my girlfriend. My heart was beating real fast when I made the call, but she did not pick it up. Though I did not receive the forgiveness from her, but most of the pressure I had was gone on that second.

I realised that its not whether you get the forgiveness or not, its the decision to ask for one that is of importance. That already sets you apart from being free of yourself. It felt great that day, a lot of weight was gone since then. Trust me, it will feel good.

So why not go do this before Christmas, give yourself this present or to others, this will be the best revenge you can give. Trust me, it’s going to be fun.

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