Fighting for What’s Right

I love Rocky movies, they are so inspiring to me. I am not sure about you, but I think they are a great investment to own. Below is a short video clip from Rocky Balboa The Movie, it is talking about Rocky coming back to the boxing arena when he is like around 60 years old. And the how the world around him tries to stop the champ from boxing again.


See the clip below:

As Rocky was train to fight in boxing matches, and has won two time heavy weight champion in his time. Now that he is old and wanting to return to the boxing arena to let his beast out again. Rocky finds that the world around him has their own opinion on not letting him return into the arena. Some make fun of him, some stop him, some angry with him, they are trying all ways to stop him.

They are not in the wrong for your info, they want to look out for Rocky, as he is old and going back to boxing might cause him his life. You see, whenever you make a radical decision about changing your life, some of the people around you will stop or even discourage you, why is it so?

It is because they do not want to lose you in their sphere of influence, in the case of Rocky is losing his life, so thus the official boxing committee was afraid that the legend will die during the fight, and the committee will be blamed for not doing their job. This is very normal and right for them. As we are living in a world where people have their own interest at hand, and doing what is right for them.

If you want to fight for what is right for you or fight for your dream, you got to stand against the known (your loved ones and friends) and the unknown (things that will happen if you take the path). Giving yourself and others a great reason why this is good for you, and that what you are doing is right for you. See how Rocky did it, he acknowledge the feedback from the committee, and telling them his reason why he should go back.

Getting to where you want to be is going to be tough, and that is a fact. No matter how hard you try the reciprocal force will apply the same strength back to you. How am I going to get what I want, or what’s right for me? This is going to need your persistent, determination, faith, planning, and most of all your reason WHY. This way you will live your life that you will not regret once you are gone, that is your right. Fighting what is right for you.

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