Dr Clemen Chiang In Options Trading

I attended Dr Clemen Chiang’s three days options trading seminar in Singapore from 8th ~ 10th Dec 2007.

During the three intensive days, Dr Clemen Chiang has imparted us a very different information and knowledge, compare to the ones I attended in the past. It has really stretched my reality to a whole new level in options trading.

In the past, the options trading speakers taught me to apply ‘Stop Loss’ if the trade is going against you, on 10%, or 20% etc (Doesn’t it sound familiar to you?). For Dr Clemen Chiang, he does not believe in ‘Stop Lost’. Instead, Dr Clemen Chiang uses a different strategy where you can still preserve your capital when the trade is against you, and still make profit.

This idea along has blown my mind, this is cutting edge strategy which is not taught from the options trading speakers out there. Dr Clemen Chiang has taught us to think outside the box, in using options trading. It is like, you have limited resources to run project, and how can you profit from these resources? The answer is found during the seminar.

Dr Clemen Chiang also taught me how to select stocks that are going to gap up or down, he called it the twelve steps stocks selection funnel. This funnel itself will filter away all the unwanted stocks and find the stocks that will gap up or down at least.

Dr Clemen Chiang teaches three different strategies in options trading, first “Freely Most Powerful Strategy On Planet Earth”, Second “Freely Powerful Strategy” and lastly “Freely Dynamic Strategy” where I wrote above. These three strategies are very flexible as they can be use together.

Dr Clemen Chiang’s profile along gives him the position to teach and inspire you. Please study his profile seriously as he positions himself so strategically in options trading, so he can study how company operate and profit in the market.

The comment for this seminar for people out there who wants to use options trading as a vehicle to your financial freedom, go for Dr Clemen Chiang’s three days seminar, where he will give you cutting edge knowledge and information in options trading.

The negative thing is that the seminar hours are very long, average hour per day is like around 14 hours, and the last day is the longest which goes to around 18 hours. For people who cannot take such long hours, God bless you if want to master cutting edge knowledge.

If you are interested in Dr Chiang’s event, contact(at)SeminarEventReview.com for registration.

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