Do You Want To “Never Work Again”?

Never Work Again by T Harv Eker

Well this a question as well as a review on an event called “Never Work Again” by T.Harv Eker. Well most of the event is not done by him, it was presented by other speakers who are investors themselves sharing with Harv’s students.

The speakers talked about land banking, stock investing, options trading, futures, commodities, diamond investment, Internet marketing, property investing, economics, investing in a company, ATM investing, natural gas, how to get a book agent, and tax liens.

I do not know about you, I was actually blown away when I heard some of the investment tools they used, which I have not heard of before. Before I carry on the summary of some speakers they were teaching, let me explain what is “Never Work Again” event.

“Never Work Again” is an ensemble speakers event by T.Harv Eker, who he thought of bringing some interesting investment tools that some of the successful investors are using today to his students, since he teach on creating wealth.

Harv decided to gather successful investors together in an event for his students. The event is done mainly in North America, and its the first time Success Resources organized this event in Singapore.

Let me share with you what I really like in the investment tools which I found in the event:

Tax Liens by Saen Higgins: Well in the United States, there are a lot of foreclosure of properties around the country. The properties owners were not able to pay the monthly installments, so the bank who lends the owner money will now look for someone to pay for the monthly installment for the owner, if in a year or two (depend on the state law) the owner is not able to pay the someone who is paying on behalf of the owner, that someone will get the property under his/ her name.

If the owner is able to pay that someone the monthly payment to the bank with some interest to it, the owner still owns the property. That someone (investor) will earn either by getting a foreclosure or the interest of the monthly payment. This is like the great property sale, where you can get as low as 30% of the original price for the property, or earning monthly interest from the owner. To understand more about Tax Liens, read here.

Investing of ATM in New Zealand by Darryl Reeves: This is very interesting because I always though that ATM machines in Singapore are owned by the banks, so we can’t make any money from it. This is not the case in New Zealand. As New Zealand is a big country (bigger than Singapore), it do not actually has a lot of ATM machines in the country, thus making drawing of money very hard.

But Darryl Reeves company (forgotten the company name) has got a deal from the New Zealand government that they are able to produce ATM machines thoughout the country and they can have this deal for a year. To cut the story short, the company needed investors to pump in money to purchase the machines.

What the investors will get in return is a 20% return per annual of what they invested, or total amount of transaction of the machine in a year, each transaction is $0.25. So you will get your investment back in 5 years the most.

Phil Town on Simple Strategies To Invest In Companies: Phil Town wrote a book #1 Rule, which is based on the teaching of Warren Buffett. Phil shared with us that investing is very simple, it is we who complicate it. The #1 rule is not to lose your money, and #2 rule is to remember the first rule.

He shared with us how he used Warren Buffett’s teachings and made his first millions in 5 years. Another thing that he shared is that if a company that has a great and passionate leader, that company is going to do well.

I must say that investing in yourself is the most critical focus that each and everyone must do, it is only in your knowledge that you will be able to see and predict what the future of wealth will be in whose hands. With no information of investing, you will most likely to fail.

“Never Work Again” will be coming next year to Singapore around mid of 2010, if you are interested to find out more about the event, contact me here. Just a note that the speakers are not confirm and most likely not the same speakers too.

Here is a short clip of the speakers speaking during the event, enjoy…..

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  1. Saen Higgins actually sells his program on tv now. I was looking for more info about him before I buy and its nice to see someone else was interested in his products. You can buy his kit very cheap at

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